A Look Into: A.C.E Brings Forward Fables And Fantasia With “HJZM: The Butterfly Phantasy”

A Look Into: A.C.E Brings Forward Fables And Fantasia With “HJZM: The Butterfly Phantasy”

A.C.E has truly aced it with this electrifying comeback!

After amplifying excitements and raising anticipations with breath taking teasers and captivating concept photos, A.C.E released their highly anticipated comeback album HJZM: The Butterfly Phantasy today and it is spectacular to say the least. A.C.E 

Showcasing their versatility, Jun, Chan, Kim Byeongkwan, Donghun and Wow have truly impressed with their multifaceted musical capabilities by delving into edgy alternative rock styles to soft piano based numbers on this comeback album!


With a dreamy and fantastical concept, the quintet is back with an album filled with five new tracks namely, “Golden Goose”, the title song “Favorite Boys”, “Baby Tonight”, “Stand By You” and “Clover”.  

Golden Goose

Deriving from the theme of “The Goose that Laid the Golden Eggs,” a tale from Aesop’s Fables, it tells the story of a man in love who expresses the hope of being saved from the darkness by the one he loves through beautiful and detailed lyricism. The song is dynamic in its musical style with heavy bass and trap beats melody that is only enhanced by the members impressive vocals as they showcase versatility when they delve into different music styles from growl like verses to murmuring lines that add a beautiful texture, A.C.E kills it on this number! 

Favorite Boys

If the word ‘confidence’ was a track “Favorite Boys” would be it. This retro house track combines strong synth sounds to deliver its power packed message with a punch of being something ideal and expressing the deepest emotions without any hesitations as seen in lyrics such as, “Immeasurably strange yet beautiful/ The feelings you didn’t know/ Entrust yourself to them I’ll make it all happen/ A chance to have what I’ve been hoping for / Now or never don’t hesitate.” A.C.E ensures that this is one track that listeners will not be able to get enough of. The matchless vocals and the impeccable rap verses leading to what can only be described as the most spectacular chorus are all what it takes to break that repeat button. 

Baby Tonight

This track exudes suaveness with its upbeat and smooth R&B beat. “Baby Tonight” unravels the thoughts and explores the passionate emotions of a person in love. There are so many reasons this track stands out but it is especially because of the beautiful soft, breathy tones, the high notes and falsetto – all that add a lovely texture to the overall groovy rhythm. “Baby Tonight” is a dreamy yet daring track that shouldn’t be missed out on. 

Stand By You

“Stand By You” is the group’s pre-release single that was revealed back in June. Accompanied by a music video, it set quite the soulful atmosphere which radiated with warmth due to the members’ serene and harmonious voices against a soft melody. The soft rock ballad brings out the vocals of all the members. Moreover, the rhythm of the track is very simple yet stirring with its vibrato opening leading to a more prominent guitar based melody that fits perfectly with the track’s uplifting message of finding strength and happiness as the lyrics suggest, “Inside the many worries I lived while being tied up/ Oh, I’m sending a letter to myself like this/ I will stand by you.”


This track is a heartwarming one and is a special song made for Choice all over the world. “Clover” is the first self-composed song by A.C.E’s leader Jun. The song is a sweet expression of the group’s appreciation and love for fans who trusted and supported them in their endless adventures during the three year journey of A.C.E since their debut. The melody is composed of bright synths and guitar wherein each of the members sound absolutely mellifluous as they sing, “And I found love/ It starts here/ Everything from you/ You’re my only one in this endless wandering/ clover clover clover.”  


“Your Favorite Boys Are Back” – Yes they are!

Opening the video on such a power packed note, you KNOW that the video is going to be EVERYTHING and more. The video is a beautiful merger of modern meets traditional styles as the boys are all dressed in Hanboks and add a contemporary twist to their attires with their accessories and props. 

A.C.E delivers a high octane performance that viewers surely won’t be able to get enough of. The music video is striking in all its majestic glory with its vivid fashion, makeup and choreography. Moreover, one of the most stand out elements of the same is when towards the end of the video, the members present androgynous interpretations of various traditional figures from Asian folklore which adds to the predominantly mystical ambiance of the mesmerizing music video.

Overall, “Favorite Boys” is an addictive track which shines due to its anthem like verses and A.C.E’s flawless vocals and fiery rap verses.

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