A Look Into: ASTRO – Blue Flame

Track List:

Blue Flame


All About You

When The Wind Blows

You’re My World

About The Band:

Formed in 2016 by Fantagio Entertainment, ASTRO is a boy band consisting of six members – Jinjin (Leader – Rapper), MJ (Main Vocalist), Eunwoo (Vocalist – Visual), Moonbin (Vocalist – Centre), Rocky (Rapper – Main Dancer – Vocalist) and Sanha (Vocalist – Maknae)

ASTRO Fandom Name: Aroha

ASTRO Official Fan Colours: Vivid Plum and Space Violet

Let’s Talk:

Arohas around the world are definitely burning up with excitement with ASTRO’s comeback album and MV titled ‘Blue Flame.

Let’s talk about what the album has to offer!

It seems like dark and edgy is the ongoing theme for k-pop and we’re here for it! You know you’re in for some aesthetic moody visuals right from the first look of the music video itself! Blue Flame opens with the members dressed in shades of black, grey, brown and blue in synchronisation with the set to project the theme of the song. The song switches between a reggae and pop beat which was quite interesting.

The lyrics of the song talk about being attracted to a person who is emotionally distant and yet falling for them as the lyrics suggest (Translated In English from Korean. Courtesy: genius.com) –

Your heart is getting cold

A strange cold breeze blows

Why am I still with you?


The colder the world gets, I want you to make it hotter

I want you to make my remaining heart burn

With your blue flame..

Go&Stop is all about a relationship that has extreme ups and downs and the contradictory feelings of loving it and hating it so you don’t know if you should go and stop it. Rocky and Jinjin really are sure to keep you captivated on this one. It has a fresh, pop arrangement and almost has a laid back, reggaeton vibe to it. It is definitely a fun track on the album.

All About You is pretty self explanatory. The song is an expression of love for your love professing that everything about them is just right, just perfect. The song has an urban techno meets disco arrangement. What, rather who, stood out on this track was Jinjin and the way he shifts from rapping to singing, was very intriguing indeed.

This song takes a more soft-pop route. When The Wind Blows is quite a remarkable track that is also written and composed by Rocky. It starts off slow but what is beguiling is the shift in tempo midway through the song. The lyrics are sentimental as it depicts the reminiscence of a long forgotten love when the wind blows on a cold day and that although the memories are passing like the wind, he is thankful for them. The group definitely has a stellar performance overall on this one.

You’re My World is very simple in its arrangement with soft melodies and is a ballad that talks about an everlasting love and being thankful for it. This feel good track is sure to tug on your heart strings.

ASTRO is definitely one of the underrated groups that needs to be given more attention as they’re definitely proficient and brimming with potential. Overall, the album is quite ASTROnomical and while all the tracks were enjoyable, there is a lot left to be be desired with regards to there being room for experimentation with their style and sound. It is definitely an album for people who love feel good music they could dance to. However, you need to give this album a listen as you’d not want to miss out on this talented group!

SeoulPop’s Rating: 7/10

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