A Look Into: ATEEZ Gives Rise To A Dynamic New Era With “ZERO: FEVER Part 1”

A Look Into: ATEEZ Gives Rise To A Dynamic New Era With “ZERO: FEVER Part 1”

ATEEZ is back and fiercer than ever with their highly awaited comeback album ZERO: FEVER Part 1!

ATEEZ finally released their exciting new album, ZERO: FEVER Part 1 and it is everything that fans wanted and more. The mini album entails seven tracks, each that are a testament of the group’s multifaceted talents.   

ATEEZ truly showcases a different world with this latest release as they experiment with divergent sounds and and step out of the box with their musical style.

First Impressions

ATINY can look forward to ATEEZ’s distinctive sound in this mini-album. KQ Entertainment’s production team, Edenary, who worked on the group’s music since debut features in the creation of the group’s latest project once again. Whats more? ATEEZ’s rappers Kim Hongjoong and Song Mingi, are both credited as lyricists. Hongjoong additionally participated in the composition of the album as well. 

Dear Diary: 2016.07.29

The album starts off somewhat on a monologue-ish note. The first track, “Dear Diary : 2016.07.29” opens a chapter in the group’s lives four years ago, when they all were teenagers. The track is awe-inspiring and powerful even, signifying their growth from living like teens to becoming young men and their journey thereafter as seen in lines such as, “One by one, more children started to say my name/ The path that I only walked with one another person became a path to many/ Slowly, the word ‘I’ became ‘ours’/ Wandering around with this unknown fever/ As we looked above our heads, stars seem to shine bright/ Today.”


This track taps onto the continual theme of youth from their “Dear Diary: 2016. 07. 29.” The lines, “Maybe we’re living younger / That’s why we’re fever” which were co-incidentally the first image shared when the group announced their comeback, are the essence of the entire track and the album as well. 

The track has a bright electro-pop melody that blends beautifully with the members’ vocals. Overall, it serves as the perfect introductory note to the entire album.


Picking up the pace, “THANXX”, that will be released as the album’s second single, is more trap based with Latin American influences and packs quite a punch with its strong, almost defiant theme. It fits perfectly though, with the song’s power-packed lyrics that talk about being confident in who you are and trusting your own way. What gives ferocity to the lyricism are the members’ vocals as they delve into more high tenors to create this impressive sonorous effect. 


Next, “TO THE BEAT” will surely make listeners groove to it’s beat with its catchy melody and vocal style of the group. Hongjoong’s breathy whisper like rap is without a doubt one of the highlighting moments of this song. The chant style chorus will definitely make listeners say “wow” on top of the breathy “to the left, to the right” by the members that makes for a stunning contrast to the booming beat of the track. 


Fans will surely say “I’m in love” when they hear “INCEPTION”! One of the catchiest numbers on the album, the synth heavy hip-hop song compares the experience of falling in love to being lost in a dream, as the lyrics suggest, “As if I have dreamed in a dream/I am lost looking for you/You are the dream I live in/the dream I can never wake from/Every day and night I’m gonna chase you.”

However, as the track progresses the dream becomes somewhat of a recurring nightmare, hinting that the love is a one-sided affair, tethering at obsession even, “I can’t go back to the way it was/You didn’t know me/After I bumped into you/I began craving for you more, uncontrollably.”  And like the theme of the track, ATINY is surely going to be obsessed with it!


Good Lil Boy

“Good Lil Boy boasts of a very intriguing composition with a slow tempo reggae rhythm that backs the laid back tones of the vocalists flawlessly. Towards the end of a very addictive hook, the tempo of the track picks up speed as it progresses to more of an electro breakbeat melody. The track is up next in line with “INCEPTION” for being one of the euphonious earworms on the album.  

One Day At A Time

A minute of silence for the repeat button that is sure to break because of this song! 

“One Day At A Time” is the first ever English song by ATEEZ. It showcases a softer side of the generally fiery group. A soothing song, it delivers comfort through the calming vocals of the members. “One Day At A Time” is a much needed message especially in these trying times due to the ongoing global COVID19 pandemic. The lyrics are like a ray of hope, with lines such as, “When it’s overwhelming, hold on tight/ I’ll be here, don’t forget it/ ‘Cause in life, sometimes we need a helping hand/ You’ll be alright, just take it slow, one day at a time.”   

This is unquestionably a track that one would want to play over and over again especially on their gloomy days. Talk about the perfect end to the perfect album!

Music Video Musings

The music video takes a little bit of inspiration from the 2010 film Inception, that centered around the trope of dreams and reality. And just like the film, ATEEZ too, somehow traverse between dreamy settings and real life as “INCEPTION”‘s music video takes place in many of the backdrops and sheds light on situations seen previously in the group’s “Diary Film”. 

The video begins with the eight members sleeping alone in different locations. And as soon as they fall asleep, they drift off  and enter their dreams where they have to face their own fears, challenges and memories that haunt them. These dreams are incomplete antithesis to what they’re supposed to be. Dark and twisted, the situations become nightmarish which forces ATEEZ to put up a fight to escape from it. 

However, towards the end it is only leader Hongjoong who manages to break free or so it seems. His bandmates also free themselves from their nightmares,  but it is only because of Hongjoong sacrificing himself. The ATEEZ leader enters an endless stretch of empty space while he stands alone with only the white noise in the background as the video ends on an eerie note.  

Source|Images Credit To: KQ Entertainment

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