A Look Into: Eric Nam Reveals A Paradisiacal View Of “The Other Side”

A Look Into: Eric Nam Reveals A Paradisiacal View Of “The Other Side”


And this statement couldn’t be more true! Eric Nam proves why he is a powerhouse musician with his latest comeback album The Other Side. From soothing synth pop tunes to electrifying EDM tones, the artist leaves listeners speechless with his impressive vocals. Showing versatility with each of the tracks, the album will, without a doubt, make fans skip that skip button.

First Impressions

The album, The Other Side is an expression of the idea that there are two sides to an individual’s daily life. On the surface, it may look happy and perfect. However, there may be underlying sadness that they would be concealing behind a happy facade. Eric Nam aspires to give hope to those struggling with that feeling of unhappiness inside with his heartwarming music.

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The album contains five tracks in total, namely, “Trouble With You,” the title track, “Paradise,” “잘 지내지 (How You Been)” and “Down For You,” and the Korean version of Eric Nam’s hit English track, “Love Die Young”.

Trouble With You

The track boasts of bright synths and soft percussive melody that is tailor-made to merge flawlessly with Eric Nam’s evocative voice. While the singer’s voice is sure to put listeners in a happy mood, the message of the track is far from it. The lyrics talk about the hopeless state of a relationship. However, due to Nam’s amazing vocals, it will surely be quite a trouble for fans to stray away from this number.


“Paradise” as it name suggests, sounds heavenly from the moment it begins. The upbeat synths and the compelling guitar tunes make for quite the addictive melody. Though the harmony is a power-packed one, Eric Nam ensures that it is his voice that shines under the spotlight. A much needed song for trying times, it expresses the desire for freedom from the frustrating reality. The lyrics talk about how even if it is difficult now, one can find a better and happy place to escape to, as suggested in lines such as, “Lost in this Paradise/ It’ll be like forever/ All things must pass/ Cause we were born to fly/ Close your eyes and draw/ Get out of here now/ Somewhere I dreamed of/ Lost in this Paradise.”

잘 지내지 (How You Been)

“잘 지내지 (How You Been)” is both, tender and touching. From soft tones to high notes, the singer sounds like a dream in this beautiful song. The lyrics are straight from the heart as seen in lines such as, “With the same night sky/ in the same moonlight
I’ll take out a smile/ as if nothing had happened/ In a room where only silence is left/ Looking at the lights of the night,
He wants to wake up/ As if all this was a dream.” To put it simply, the song is hauntingly beautiful.

Down For You

“I’m down for you” – is exactly what fans will say when they hear this heart thumping track. Eric Nam brings together the perfect summer bop. Moreover the EDM beat is a burst of energy that surges through in the multi-talented musician’s lively vocal style and within the playful lyricism as well.

Love Die Young – Korean Version

This is what one can call a perfect end to a perfect album. Eric Nam takes the listeners’ breaths away. The Korean version of Nam’s 2019 ballad “Love Die Young,” retains the essence of its English counterpart. The track is a heart rending plea to keep the romance alive as the vocalist appeals, “Please don’t let this love die young/ It’s too early for the last kiss/ Please don’t let this love die young/ Its too early for the goodbye dance,” in his mellifluous voice albeit in an imploring manner.

Music Video Musings

In the music video for “Paradise,” viewers see multiple versions of Eric Nam reflective of his psychological and emotional state. Throughout the video,Eric Nam’s inner self tries to bring him face to face with the truth, that to be the best version of himself, he must live his life authentically when he slips him a note with the quote “vis ta vie” French for live your life.

With this imagery, he tries to relay the message that in order to escape from the frustration and overwhelming sadness, he needs to stop trying to escape himself. And so, towards the end of the video is when the singer comes to a realization that the key to be happy is to indeed “vis ta vie”!

The video is a beauteous personification of everything the track stands for – of finding an escape from the exasperating reality and finding the magic amidst the mundane.

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