A Look Into: EXO – OBSESSION : The 6th Album

Track List:

• Obsession

• Trouble

• Jekyll

• Groove

• Ya Ya Ya

• Baby You Are

• Non Stop

• Day After Day

• Butterfly Effect

• Obsession (Chinese Version)

About The Band:

It wouldn’t be far fetched to state that this is one of the biggest boy bands from South Korea – EXO is a boy band under the label SM Entertainment who debuted in the year 2012 consisting of nine members including Suho (Leader-Vocalist), Xiumin (Vocalist-Rapper), Lay (Vocalist-Rapper), Baekhyun (Vocalist), Chen (Vocalist), Chanyeol (Rapper-Vocalist-Visual), D.O. (Vocalist), Kai (Rapper-Visual), Sehun (Rapper-Sub-Vocalist).

EXO Fandom Name: EXO-L

EXO Official Fan Colour: Cosmic Latte

Let’s Talk:

A first for the stellar group, EXO’s “OBSESSION-The 6th Album” is being promoted by six members (sans Xiumin, Lay and D.O.). The album will be available in three versions – EXO, X-EXO and OBSESSION.

The album is composed of 10 tracks including a Chinese version of the title track Obsession which is one of the most stand out tracks of the album which, paired with the MV is a treat for the eyes and the ears. The MV is exquisite to say the least with such a staggering performance by the members. The take on Obsession as a concept is very unique and somewhat ingenious as it deals with the fight of the inner self consciousness wherein the darkness/the bad side is obsessively trying to take over the light/the good side. This is further intensified with the concept of the MV where each member is depicted as though fighting his bad self that is trying to overpower him. The song itself has such a dynamic effect with the heavy trap beats which perfectly match the dramatic breathy vocals and powerful raps.

Trouble definitely embodies the phrase “chill vibes.” The song talks about a love so intoxicating that they lose sense of what is wrong or right which gets them in trouble. It has a soft reggae beat to it which makes you want to sway to this tune, not to mention the perfectly synchronised vocals that keep you hooked to this track.

Jekyll treads on similar lines such as Obsession with its lyrics depicting an internal combat with one’s dark alter ego; the song however, differs in its arrangement with heavy 808 bass and interesting vocal transformations. However, overall the song falls flat in comparison to others on the album.

Get ready to groove to Groove! The lyrics of the song talk about falling in a love so deep that it makes you feel like you’re in a dreamlike state and all you want to do is dance with your love while wanting them to stay. The track’s arrangement is so fresh and what stood out was when right before the song ends with its sublime chorus with the vocal line singing in breathy falsettos, there is an interlude when only string instruments and prominently, the flute play out the melody of the chorus. This song is definitely one to look out for in the album.

After giving this track a listen, all you’re going to say is Ya Ya Ya. The song is somewhat a fervid declaration of love, telling your significant other that you only want them to have eyes for you and that you’re crazy in love with them to the point that they’re the centre of your universe. This love song is backed by an urban hip hop arrangement and aside from the catchy chorus, what steals the spotlight on this one are the rap verses which are performed with perfection.

Baby You Are is a dance pop number that talks about love at first sight and how even thinking about this love makes one go crazy and makes you feel like you’ve found the one. The arrangement of this track felt more 90s than urban solely because of the repetitive, persistent drum beats mixed with folk instrumentals. It is a refreshing track to listen to.

Non Stop is about a non stop, endless love and going above and beyond for the same. The song gives you major funk vibes especially with its arrangement being dominated by brass instruments. Definitely a track you could bop to!

The song is quite simple in its arrangement but Day After Day is a ballad that talks about how they’re still in love with the one they broke up with and that the only thing that can fill their heart is the memory and presence of their loved one. The band members have let only their vocals (including the rap verse) shine and they’ve controlled the rhythm of the track with the same which is very perceptive and interesting.

Yet another track where they let their beautiful falsettos take the lead on the chorus. Butterfly Effect talks about an all empowering love and that this love has dyed them with its colours to become stronger and better. It is a very creative track with a distinct upbeat pop arrangement. It is the perfect song to close the album with.

All in all, the album is exceptional with a spectacular performance by EXO and also because the underlying theme of obsession is constant in each and every track – blatantly in some while subtly in others. This is not an album you’d want to miss out on.

SeoulPop’s Rating – 9.5/10

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