A Look Into: Kang Daniel Paints A Colorful Summer With His Album “MAGENTA”

A Look Into: Kang Daniel Paints A Colorful Summer With His Album “MAGENTA”

Kang Daniel is here to make summer even hotter with his rich playlist filled with some thrilling tunes from his latest comeback album MAGENTA!

Kang Daniel brought forth brilliance and vibrancy with his latest comeback album MAGENTA. Continuing his color series, the singer wants to showcase his journey so far.

With CYAN the young musician showcased a cool and laid-back style whereas with MAGENTA he projects his fiery and passionate side. From the intensity of the gleams of the sun to its surrounding warm light, the beginning and end of this summer are all contained in this mini album.


The album contains six tracks in total, namely, “Flash,” “Waves (feat. Simon Dominic and Jamie), “깨워 (Who U Are)”, “Runaway (feat. YUMDDA)”, “Movie (feat. DVWN) and “밤 (literal translation: Night)”.


“Flash” is an impressive ambient number and a perfect track to open the album with. The track’s melody is reminiscent of a breezy, rainy atmosphere which makes the song a perfect pick for long drives or chilling at home.

Kang Daniel’s vocals hit like a bolt of lightening as he delivers with his low tones, charms with his high notes and stirs hearts with his flawless falsettos. His voice resonates and falls beautifully against the beat of the track. 


“Waves” is a refreshing track that packs a punch with its 808 bass, drums, Latin guitars, and staccato piano sound based composition reflective of dance hall and hip-hop genres. The chorus especially is captivating due to its euphonious and effortless blend of Kang Daniel and Jamie’s voices, while Simon Dominic lights up the ambiance with his blazing rap verses.

The song expresses the emotions of putting all your faith and trust in letting one’s heart follow like the waves that move in their direction. This is undoubtedly a track made for the dance floor and for listeners’ playlists.

깨워 (Who U Are)

The title track, “깨워 (Who U Are)” is a passionate song which urges listeners to rouse their hidden emotions. Kang Daniel takes the listeners’ breaths away with this dynamic track which resonates a certain power and intensity that blazes like the sun. The song’s composition make it the perfect summer anthem.  

The sounds of the 808 bass drum, Latin guitar, flute, synthesizer and vocal effects create an intense and powerful melody with every beat that make the song truly addictive.  


Featuring the artist YUMDDA alongside the multi-talented soloist, the fast paced electro pop track“Runaway,” is one that shines brightly under the spotlight!

Influenced by the reggae genre, the song delivers a phenomenal listening experience with Kang Daniel’s soothing and soft vocals that are complemented with YUMDDA’s playful and casual style. The highlight of the song is literally the high note that Kang Daniel flawlessly hits in the bridge before the captivating chorus at the end. 


The track “Movie” is where R&B meets hip-hop and oozes a lot of swag. The talented artist DVWN starts off the track with his smooth and breathy falsetto followed by Kang Daniel’s sultry husky vocal style. The song serenades with its romantic lyrics and focuses around having a love interest  that you can’t get your mind off of. 

The track wonderfully synergises the vocals of Kang Daniel and DVWN backed with a hard-hitting bass sound that creates a relaxed yet magnificent song. 

“밤 (literal translation: Night)” is a track that is sincerely heartwarming and is like a love call that expresses the longing of a lonely heart for a loved one. The soloist’s versatility as a singer can be clearly heard with his breathy tones and immaculate falsetto which channels the essence of the track perfectly. 

The track is a slow paced yet stirring song that sounds like a dream with the breezy guitar riffs and soft bass and snares which flawlessly merge with Kang Daniel’s saccharine voice. 


Majestic and magnificent – that’s what MAGENTA is all about!

The music video truly resonates and captures everything that comprises the album MAGENTA. 

Kang Daniel’s vocals and visuals are showstopping and spectacular to say the least. The fantastic elements and the cinematography blends with the power packed choreography to truly bring out the captivating concept of the album. The focus on every element’s detail and the soloist’s charismatic charms are sure to dazzle DANITY and bring to them an enthralling experience!

Source: Konnect Entertainment

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