A Look Into: TREASURE EPILOGUE : Action To Answer by ATEEZ

Track List:



Star 1117


Outro : Long Journey

About The Band :

Ateez is an 8-member boy group from South Korea under the company KQ Entertainment and is composed of eight members:

Hongjoong ( Leader – Lead Rapper – Vocalist – Composer )

Seonghwa ( Vocalist – Visual )

Yunho ( Vocalist – Main Dancer)

Yeosang (Vocalist – Visual – Lead Dancer )

San ( Lead Vocalist )

Mingi ( Main Rapper – Main Dancer )

Wooyoung ( Vocalist – Visual – Main Dancer )

Jongho ( Main Vocalist – Maknae )

ATEEZ debuted on October 24, 2018 with “Treasure EP.1: All to Zero.”

ATEEZ Fandom Name: ATINY (a combination of ATEEZ + DESTINY)

Let’s Talk :

ATEEZ has been on a high lately and with good reason! The band has been consistently belting out hit after hit and the latest album is no different.

The latest EP by the group is titled “TREASURE EPILOGUE : Action To Answer” with Answer being the title track. The music video for the same is a visual treat to say the least – with muted colours amidst a grand backdrop as they call for a toast “like a thunder” to be raised, their irresistible dance moves and power packed vocals and not to mention the iconic moment in the MV when they’re visited by their own selves in their “HALA HALA” costumes as if to reminisce as to how far they’ve come. The track is packed with prominent synths, EP, a sublime merger of house meets trap beats that complement the group’s style and the lyrics are simple yet impressive as the group sing about burning as bright as fire as they keep shining and soaring. The vocal line really impresses on Answer with San’s opening lines, Seonghwa and Jongho’s vocal shifts in the chorus and Yunho’s beautiful falsetto really steal the show.

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Track Rating : 9.5/10

Horizon is the next track on the EP and we do not mean to exaggerate when we say that this track is one of ATEEZ’s best yet! The song, composed by Hongjoong and Mingi, talks about reaching high, following your dreams past the horizon. It has a very nightcore vibe to it and is backed with thumping EDM, synths, heavy bass and trap beats merged with tropical house sounds. Horizon is a banger! Mingi slays on this track as does Hongjoong and the flair that the vocal line shows is impeccable especially on the catchy chorus as well as the ingenious vocal chops used as a lead in the song as a hook! Safe to say this track is lit!

Track Rating : 10/10

Soft piano, drums, slow bass, airy synths, guitar and the use of minor chords in the arrangement that give it that unique element when paired with deep lyrics that talk about leaving behind loneliness and falling in love and acknowledging the happiness that comes with it. Yes. It’s the perfect recipe for a smashing ballad. And each and every member from the rap to the vocal lines shows panache in terms of vocal delivery and that makes Star 1117 a song that is sure to make your heart feel all warm and fuzzy.

Track Rating : 10/10

Precious is a very interesting track in terms of composition. It starts off as a dance track and right before the chorus it shifts style and gives the chorus a hip hop vibe with heavy trap beats and the theme (hip hop) is prominent with percussion, bass and EP being strong elements further into the track. Towards the end the track takes on a fast paced EDM-like style before concluding in a soft manner. All in all, the track is an amalgamation of varied styles such as EDM, hip hop and house music. Definitely a track to look out for!

Track Rating : 9.5/10

Outro : Long Journey is a theatrical monologue by ATEEZ that serves as the perfect closure to their TREASURE series. The outro is very orchestral in style as it commences with what seems to be a bass trombone, violin, cello and concludes with a soft piano tune. A beautiful piece indeed.

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Track Rating : 10/10

Overall Thoughts :

All in all, ATEEZ proves their prowess with this album! The members put forward an exceptional performance on the EP and even though there are only 5 tracks on the album, each track serves something different – from EDM to ballad to hip hop and isn’t repetitive in musical or lyrical style. One of the best works by ATEEZ so far!

SeoulPop’s Rating : 9.75/10

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