Track List:

WHO DO U LOVE? (feat. French Montana)









BESIDE U (feat. Pitbull)

WHO DO U LOVE? (feat. French Montana) – will.i.am Remix

BESIDE U (I.M RAP VER) (feat. Pitbull)

About The Band :

MONSTA X is an 7-member boy group from South Korea under the company Starship Entertainment and they were created through the survival program NO.MERCY. MONSTA X debuted on May 14, 2015.

MONSTA X is also under the US label Maverick Agency as of February 26, 2019.

The group is composed of members:

Shownu ( Leader – Vocalist – Main Dancer )

Minhyuk ( Vocalist – Visual )

Kihyun ( Main Vocalist )

Hyungwon (Vocalist – Visual – Lead Dancer )

Joohoney ( Main Rapper – Vocalist )

I.M ( Lead Rapper – Vocalist – Maknae )

Wonho ( Lead Vocalist – Visual – Lead Dancer ) – (Former Member : On October 31, 2019 following certain controversies, Wonho announced his departure from the group.)


Let’s Talk :

MONSTA X just dropped their latest album and you could say it’s the perfect valentine’s gift for their fans!

Aptly titled “ALL ABOUT LUV,” the group’s first English album focuses on aspects of love – from being in love to the heartbreaks you face when you’re in love.

The vibe of the album is quite romantic and refreshing to say the least.

The album is composed of 12 tracks including an extended will.i.am. Remixed version of “WHO DO U LOVE? (feat. French Montana)” and an I.M rap version of the track “BESIDE U (feat. Pitbull)”

The album opens with WHO DO U LOVE (feat. French Montana) which is a track that talks about feeling the anxiety of being left in the fray by the lover and asking them to decide who they love? Is it someone else or them? Because the pressure is just too much to take. Just like the lyrics, the setting of the song itself from its MV to its composition is quite dramatic as although the song has an dance beat, the placement of drums, synths and 808 bass drops create an almost theatrical ambiance especially with how both, the vocal and rap line style the song singing in perfect falsettos and breathy vocals.

Monsta X – WHO DO U LOVE? ft. French Montana

Monsta X – WHO DO U LOVE? (will.i.am. REMIX Audio) ft. French Montana

Track Rating : 9.5/10

LOVE U is such a fresh and balanced track that has ‘chill vibes’ written all across it. The song has an RnB beat. This track talks quite coyly about young love – “You make me crazy it’s not just the wine..” and sex – “I really really wanna love you/ But I can’t say the word I want to / Cuz they won’t play it on the radio / But I know you know, what I mean when I say that I really wanna..” Backed with soft marimba, bass synths and trap beats, the members’, specially IM, Jooheon, Wonho and Shownu’s soft vocals shine through on the track.

Monsta X – LOVE U (Audio)

Track Rating : 10/10

Bass beats, synths and a proper blend of bass kick snares and hi hats back this number. HAPPY WITHOUT ME is a very honest song about being heartbroken and even though you wish the best for your former lover, you hate to see them happy without you. Kihyun’s vocal arpeggios are exceptional on the track. It has quite a similar vibe to LOVE U but is different in with its passive aggressive approach of the theme of love in the album.

Monsta X – HAPPY WITHOUT ME (Audio)

Track Rating : 9/10

GOT MY NUMBER has a very fun bass and synth arrangement with warm pads during the chorus that will make you want to get up and move. The lyrics are quite lighthearted and almost cheeky of trying to sway your love interest telling them “if you need someone who can love you while he’s gone, baby you got my number...”

Monsta X – GOT MY NUMBER (Audio)

Track Rating : 9/10

This track oozes romance with every beat and verse! SOMEONE’S SOMEONE is a very simplistic song. Soft bass beats, EP, percussions, synths and snaps set the warm tone of the song. Not to mention the vocal vocoders for effect. The track is like a hug when you need it the most while the serene vocals of the members serenade you.


Track Rating : 10/10

Smooth, sexy and suave is what comes to mind when we talk about MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT. The song will take you back in time with its retro pop beats composed primarily of arpeggios, synths, percussion, hi-hats and drums. I.M’s husky vocals really surprise and stand out on this track, Wonho’s soft voice before the chorus almost make you feel a certain kind of nostalgia as does the chorus itself. Shownu and Kihyun’s vocals add vibrancy to the melody. While Jooheon, Hyungwon and Minhyuk add the edge to the overall wistful vibe of the track.

Monsta X – MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT (Official Music Video)

Track Rating : 10/10

SHE’S THE ONE is a unique track that starts off as very bass and synth heavy when right before the chorus you have the members adding in a dramatic effect with their vocals and we have to say the lyrics are quite endearing on this one that show the members expressing their feelings about a crush. The arrangement of the track is majorly bass driven with guitar and drums as well as featuring flute like instrumentals.

Monsta X – SHE’S THE ONE (Audio)

Track Rating : 10/10

YOU CANT HOLD MY HEART is definitely one of the best tracks on the album! The song is deep as it expresses how sometimes love can let go no matter how hard we try to hold on. The members’ vocals are at their finest. I.M, Hyungwon and Minhyuk sound divine, Jooheon stuns with his ad-libs, Shownu and Wonho belt out lyrics in perfect falsettos while Kihyun’s vocals give this song it’s balance. Their voices create melodies that are so refined and merge perfectly along with the arrangement which is majorly dominated by bass arpeggiators and synths along with guitar riffs, gayageum and percussion.

Monsta X – HOLD MY HEART (Audio)

Track Rating : 10/10

Yet another track that showcases vocal prowess of the members. MISBEHAVE is a beautiful, romantic track. In contrast to the other tracks on the album, this one is softer in nature, with the arrangement featuring piano on the lead, soft bass and snaps. The lyrics are passionate as they are intimate revealing a love story so messed up that is somehow held together by makeup sex “Love it when we mess things up / Every time we argue / Straight into the bedroom.” An unforgettable track to say the least.

Monsta X – MISBEHAVE (Audio)

Track Rating : 10/10

BESIDE U (feat. Pitbull) has a trap beat setting to it with synths, bass kick snares, hi hats and synth leads in the backdrop. The lyrics match the ambiance of the song and Jooheon specifically brings in the swag on this one. While I.M comes through on the rap version of the track. Definitely one of those tracks to listen to when you’re feeling yourself.

Monsta X – BESIDE U (Audio) ft. Pitbull

Monsta X – BESIDE U (Audio) ft. Pitbull

Track Rating : 8.5/10

Overall Thoughts :

All in all, ALL ABOUT LUV is definitely one that you don’t want to miss. While there is quite a lot of room for more experimentation in terms of sound and style, it is commendable what MONSTA X has achieved with this album considering it is their first all English album. The songs are catchy and MONSTA X prove that they are one of the finest artists through this album. You’d definitely be pressing the repeat button on this one!

SeoulPop’s Rating : 9.8/10

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