A.C.E Showcases Global Popularity With Their Impressive Feats

A.C.E Showcases Global Popularity With Their Impressive Feats


DAZED magazine recently selected A.C.E’s “Goblin” as one of “The 40 best K-pop songs of 2020”. The track positioned at No.1 on the list which also featured other stellar artists including MONSTA X, BTS, Blackpink, TWICE, Wonho, Tomorrow X Together to name a few.

The feature revealed that “A.C.E excelled with last year’s tumultuous, rock-heavy approach on “Under Cover”, and “Goblin (Favorite Boys)”, which pulls double-duty as a self-hype anthem and a Korean myth-inspired, world-building tool, adopts similar stadium-friendly guitars and full throttle percussion to set up what great K-pop is renowned for: a turbo-charged thrill ride”.

They further added that the track strays far away from the sounds of the 70s and 80s that are taking over the K-Pop scene at this time, but rather showcases its unique style by revealing the “bigger, better, bolder, and brasher mindset of the latter decade”.

Paper magazine also ranked the electrifying number at the 22nd spot on their list of “The 40 Best K-Pop Songs Of 2020”. The magazine wrote, that the track is “An idiosyncratic mix of rock, hip-hop, and whirling synths, “Goblin (Favorite Boys)” throws everything into the mix — crunchy guitar riffs, thundering drums, spirited chants, explosive rap verses — and the result is the year’s most visceral listening experience”.

Besides this, A.C.E has showcased some power-packed performances, particularly in their A.C.E CONCERT [UNDER COVER: AREA US]. The tour kicked off in Chicago on December 1 last year. It spanned three weeks and in a total of 10 different cities all across the United States. The concert spotlighted the group’s effortless charms as they captivated fans with their dazzling performances. This year, they revealed some riveting stages and met global fans through various online performances.

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Moreover, their tantalizing track, “Goblin”, which was released in September this year, enraptured the hearts of global fans. The retro house track combined strong traditional sounds with some modern beats. The track further highlighted the quintet’s dynamic performance and unrivaled musical style.

Meanwhile, A.C.E is preparing to bring to fans some amazing global activities and collaborations in 2021.

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