AKMU Sets Out To Make Their Highly Awaited Comeback

AKMU is gearing up for their upcoming comeback this fall!

According to YG Entertainment who announced the news on August 15, stated that, AKMU will release a new song every month starting September to the end of the year. YG explained, “AKMU has already finished working on all the songs, and is in the process of preparing three music videos to capture their own variety of colors and showcase their unique style.”


AKMU’s comeback has been awaited since about a year since the album Sailing released in September last year. The album contains heart fluttering tracks such as the title song “How can I love the heartbreak, you’re the one I love”, “Whale” and “Fish In the Water”.

Particularly, the song, “How can I love the heartbreak, you’re the one I love”, post its release, set the record for the longest amount of time on the daily chart and on the monthly chart on Melon, as well as attained three gold medals.


YG pointed out, “If you have confirmed the change and growth with Sailing announced last year by AKMU, who have showcased their multifaceted musical capabilities, you can expect their evolution this year with the upcoming album as well.”

Source: KPOP Herald

Image Credit: YG Entertainment

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