AKMU’s Lee Suhyun Reveals A Galactic New Track Titled “Alien”

AKMU’s Lee Suhyun Reveals A Galactic New Track Titled “Alien”


AKMU’s Lee Suhyun released her vibrant new single titled “Alien”. Sporting a bright mint colored hairdo paired with equally kaleidoscopic ensembles, the songstress sets a very unique and playful mood that mirrors the track.

The music video is without a doubt, a visual treat! The vocalist looks especially charming as she does flamboyant in all her bright-colored glory. Her unworldly style, if you will, only adds an endearing quality to the video. Moreover, Lee Suhyun stuns with her cutesy choreography that she showcases between animated stills of herself.

The video is a beautiful representation of the song itself albeit with its own sense of quirkiness. The song is about a mother, who reveals a secret to her low self-esteemed daughter in order to give her courage and confidence. Soon, the daughter discovers her real identity as a super alien and starts her journey in “shaking” the world.

Throughout the video Lee Suhyun exudes confidence as she accepts her identity and is not shy to show the world who she is. She is different and not afraid to own it and show it.

(Photo Credits: YG Entertainment)

Besides this, the track is really refreshing and showcases a different side to the singer. Lee Suhyun has generally revealed a more soft side to herself through the traditional acoustic sounds that are characteristic of AKMU.

“Alien” takes more of a dance pop route and highlights the songstresses’ treble in the most awe-inspiring way. Adding to the zany vibe of the track is the lyricism itself. It features outré lines such as , “My mama told me I’m Alien/ Actually, you’re from a faraway starland”, as well as uplifting lines like, “You are getting better and bigger/ A planet that could no longer be contained/ Swimming in warm water/ I brought you, who I liked/ I want you to know that you have a special power/ You’ll get stronger and stronger/ An Alien.”

(Photo Credits: YG Entertainment)

What’s more?  Lee Chanhyuk, who is also the other half of AKMU, has written, composed and produced this groovy number. The track as well as its music video combined showcase Lee Suhyun’s vivacity and versatility in a flawless and fun manner. “Alien” is sure to make listeners feel out of this world with its happy tunes!

Video | Photo Credits: YG Entertainment

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