ASTRO Delivers A Heartfelt Surprise With Their Digital Single “We Still (Be With U)”

ASTRO Delivers A Heartfelt Surprise With Their Digital Single “We Still (Be With U)”

ASTRO revealed a stellar surprise to welcome the new year with some sweet tunes as they released a special fan gift digital single!

ASTRO released an endearing digital single titled “We Still (Be With U)” through various music sources. The dulcet song is a new arrangement of the track called “We Still” from the bedazzling boy group’s 7th mini album GATEWAY, that released in May, to match the ambient winter atmosphere.

Particularly, the song is quite emotive as it brings forth a heartwarming message of hope and consolation that all of the ASTRO members wanted to convey to their fans. The sub-title “Be With U” is a further indication from the group to their beloved Arohas that means that “Astro is always with their fans and will be with them in the future as well”.

In contrast to the original song, the reverberating bell sounds are spotlighted in this rendition that adds to the feel of the winter season and amps up the sentimentality of the track. Moreover, the composition also features breezy guitar and bass that adds to the groove of the warm acoustic drum beat that enhances the rich sounds of the song.


What’s even more special is that all ASTRO members actively participated in this new song, all from its planning to its completion. The group not only produced the sweet song but has also prepared a special video that also will be released later.

Meanwhile, ASTRO, who has been active in various fields such as music, unit albums, dramas, musicals, and entertainment shows this year, has been loved for their various activities by fans all over the globe who are undoubtedly looking forward to seeing what kind of new contents the group will be showcasing in 2021.

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Source: OSEN

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