ATEEZ “Celebrate” ATINY DAY With A Special Music Video

ATEEZ “Celebrate” ATINY DAY With A Special Music Video

ATEEZ commemorates Atiny Day with a sweet handwritten lyric video!

ATEEZ gave a very endearing gift to their beloved fans on the second ATINY day. The group revealed a heartwarming handwritten lyric video of the track “Celebrate”.

Revealing the video, the group further delivered a delightful message to their fans as well. They wrote,

“We are living our lives feeling the infinite love given by our dear ATINYs. We hope ATINYs would feel the same love from us.

On days when you’re feeling depressed or small, we hope this song can brighten up your day.
No matter how we look, we are special by our very own existence.

Out of the 7 billion people on this earth, congratulations on just being you. Your everything.

We all have some insecurities, but since no one has set this standard, why don’t we think of them as something only you can have?

We may not realize it, but these are times that deserve to be celebrated. Thank you for being born, overcoming, and living together, and congrats on being able to laugh while listening to this song.



The beautiful message is truly reflective of the innate essence of the mellifluous song itself. The released track has a very fresh and laidback vibe to it thanks to its funky beats that highlight the members’ stellar vocals.

“Celebrate” is an aptly titled track for more reasons than one. It is indeed a celebration for ATEEZ as they pour out all their love for their fans in this heartwarming track that boasts of some endearing lyricism with lines such as,

You’re the one, only one
From 7 billion, the only one
You’re the one, only one
So I celebrate you, all about you

From Hongjoong showcasing his dulcet tones to Yunho and Wooyoung stunning with their breezy notes, Mingi’s refreshing rap style, San and Seonghwa leaving listeners awestruck with their commanding and captivating vocals in the chorus especially, Yeosang’s spectacular and matchless rap-sing style and last but not least, Jongho’s amazing adlibs and versatile vocals, are all reason to ‘celebrate’ indeed. Don’t you agree ATINYs?

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Photo | Video Source: KQ Entertainment

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