ATEEZ Exceeds 810,000 Pre-Orders For “ZERO: FEVER PART.3”

ATEEZ Exceeds 810,000 Pre-Orders For “ZERO: FEVER PART.3”


Ahead of their upcoming comeback, ATEEZ is already making waves, and how! The group’s agency KQ Entertainment stated that, “ATEEZ’s 7th mini-album ZERO: FEVER Part.3 has surpassed 810,000 pre-orders”. This is about twice the number of pre-orders of 350,000 copies of their previous work ZERO: FEVER Part.2.


The new comeback album marks the third and final story in the “FEVER” series. With the albums, the stellar group explored the fevered feelings of the youth through their deeper charm and diverse discography.

Since their debut, ATEEZ and their production team “Eden-ary” have established an unparalleled synergy. And with their trustworthy combination, they will delve into various genres on the group’s new album. A total of 6 songs including the double titles “Eternal Sunshine” and “Deja Vu” will aim to show ATEEZ’s colorful musical sensibility.


While the album is undeniably raising curiosities, its teasers that are being released sequentially, are piquing the intrigue of fans as well. Particularly, the sound source preview videos released for the aforementioned double title tracks entered the Top 10 of  YouTube’s “Music Videos Trending Worldwide” as well as on the “YouTube Trending” list globally.

Additionally, while fans participated in the voting of their preferred title track, celebrities also took part in the same. Various celebrities from across the world contributed their votes, including Scott Hoying of the world-renowned a cappella group Pentatonix, Murakata Nonoka, Block B’s Taeil and B-Bomb, Eunhyuk from Super Junior and Kwanghee, Comedian couple Hong Yoon Hwa and Kim Min Gi, Announcer Jung Wooyoung, Dancers Noze and Honey J, RAIN and Jessi.


Two days before their comeback, ATEEZ have once again reiterated their growth and global popularity. There is no doubt that expectations are rising through the roof for what kind of stories they will unravel through their upcoming album.

Meanwhile, ATEEZ will be showcasing their infinite dynamism through their 7th mini album ZERO: FEVER PART. 3. The album will arrive across various music sites on September 13 at 6 PM KST.

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