ATEEZ Garners Praise From Global Media For Their Amazing Accomplishments This Year

ATEEZ Garners Praise From Global Media For Their Amazing Accomplishments This Year

ATEEZ showcased their power as a group this year and so, it comes as no surprise that praises have been pouring in from all over the globe for their numerous achievements in 2020!

ATEEZ has truly impressed with their multifold talents that marked their ascent as ace artists. The group has certainly showcased dynamism as they have reigned over worldwide music charts ever since their debut.

Recently, ATEEZ’s comeback mini-film “Diary Film” was selected as one of the best K-pop moments of 2020 by Teen Vogue. The video emphasized the grandeur of the boy group’s unique narrative worldview in a very aesthetic way.

Moreover, Paper Magazine and UK-based DAZED, picked ATEEZ’s track “Answer” as one of the “Top 40 Best K-Pop Songs Of 2020”. Talking about the same, Paper Magazine averred that, “It’s not surprising that ATEEZ is one of the most successful emerging protagonists in K-pop.”


Additionally, TIME magazine also chose “Answer” in its list of best 2020 K-pop tracks. Spotify, too, added the bold number to its year-end chart as well.

Hong Kong’s popular newspaper South China Morning Post also featured ATEEZ. The group’s album TREASURE EPILOGUE: Action To Answer was listed among its top 15 K-pop albums of 2020. They further stated that “ATEEZ made waves through each of their albums”. They added, “Anyone who wants to understand why ATEEZ is one of the most popular K-pop boy groups today, “Answer” will give you the perfect reason.”


ATEEZ has proved their popularity not only globally, but domestically. Besides being lauded by global media for their achievements, the group recently won awards during various Korean music ceremonies including at the 2020 MAMA and at The Fact Music Awards 2020 as well.

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