ATEEZ’s Hongjoong Reveals A Rocking Rendition Of Linkin Park’s “Numb”

ATEEZ’s Hongjoong Reveals A Rocking Rendition Of Linkin Park’s “Numb”

ATEEZ’s Hongjoong showcases his musical genius yet again in a captivating version of Linkin Park’s “Numb”!

ATEEZ’s Hongjoong unveiled his multifold talents as he released a dynamic cover of a classic rock number, particularly, “Numb” by musical legends Linkin Park. Not only does the rapper pack a punch with his powerful vocals, but he also does the same with his bold and dark style.


All from his edgy ensemble, smoky makeup, and all-black nails, Hongjoong takes breaths away as he serves some major rockstar vibes.

The rapper truly stirs with his sultry vocals, evoking a sense of nostalgia as he sings the iconic lines from the chorus of Linkin Park’s chart-topping hit. But is even more impressive, however, is when Hongjoong adds his own unique twist to the track.


Backed by a hard-hitting hip-hop beat, the ATEEZ leader stuns as he delivers one fiery line after another with his high-octane rap.  The lyrics of the verse, written by Hongjoong himself, deliver a strong message through its defiant and fierce lines such as:

Now I’m on my own/ I cannot take it no more/I’ve become sharper and keen/And more ruined in your own way/I start to disappear/From where to where/Was it mine, was it even mine?/Do I exist?/Become so dumb/As if I’ve been shot by a tranquilizer/Become so numb/So funny I can’t take it anymore, all this pretending/ Exploited, ruin and take it all in, you who exploited me/From here to there/Finally the end now on my own


The alluring artist truly captivates with his beguiling charms that translate into an outstandingly flawless performance overall. All in all, with such a high-powered cover, there is no doubt that Hongjoong impresses as well as reiterates that he is a musical powerhouse indeed!

Meanwhile, check out Hongjoong’s electrifying rendition of Linkin Park’s “Numb” here:

Photo | Video Credits: KQ Entertainment

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