ATEEZ To Star In A New Adventure Reality Show With Kakao TV

ATEEZ To Star In A New Adventure Reality Show With Kakao TV


On October 22, Kakao M revealed that, Kakao TV’s original series ATEEZ FEVER ROAD will be released every Monday and Thursday at 12 PM KST for 4 weeks starting on October 26.

The reality show will consist of an adventure theme that will spotlight the charm and chemistry of the ATEEZ members who will be undertaking and solving various interesting missions. The show will be spanned across for a total of 8 episodes with each being 15 minutes long.

Elements of their complex storyline of ATEEZ’s universe through their albums, will be highlighted on the series. Once all missions are solved, a crucial new story will be revealed. This concept is sure to give fans an in-depth perspective to understand ATEEZ’s worldview.

Moreover, the story from the group’s “Diary Film” from their recent release ZERO: FEVER Part 1 will be explored as well. The prologue and epilogue videos of the characters and stories of each member will also be revealed with each episode.

PD Park Hye Jin, who has directed ATEEZ FEVER ROAD, said, “Recently, various K-pop idols are attracting attention for their storytelling through a novel worldview. And as ATEEZ is a group that has been on the rise due to their strong synergy and performances, we will be showcasing that along with their daily lives as well.”

Ever since their debut, ATEEZ has been steadily impressing fans globally and have been helmed as powerhouse performers. In addition, they are also actively engaged in social activities, such as being recently commissioned as ambassadors for Australia’s “2020 Polished Man Campaign” and having also launched a campaign to eradicate child abuse.

Furthermore, the group is set to stun with their upcoming online concert ATEEZ 2ND ANNIVERSARY CONCERT: PORT OF CALL that will be broadcast live on October 24, the day of the 2nd anniversary of their debut, at 3 PM KST.


Meanwhile, ATEEZ FEVER ROAD will be releasing its first teaser on October 23. The first episode will premier on Kakao TV on October 26 at noon 12 PM KST.

Source: E-Daily

Photo Credits: KQ Entertainment

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