ATEEZ Tops Album Sales Charts With “ZERO: Fever Part 2”

ATEEZ Tops Album Sales Charts With “ZERO: Fever Part 2”

Undoubtedly, this latest feat screams “ATEEZ WORLD DOMINATION” indeed!

The super talented ATEEZ is drawing attention from global fans as they continue to solidify their position as a global powerhouse group.


According to the announcement of Hanteo Chart on March 8, ATEEZ positioned at first place on the weekly record chart of the first week of March (from March 1 to March 7). Additionally, on the same day, the group also ranked first on the Gaon Chart’s weekly retail album chart (from February 28 to March 6), proving the mettle of the global trendsetter group.


Earlier, on the first day of release of ZERO: Fever Part 2, about 155,000 copies were sold, and on March 8, due to the album’s steady popularity, it charted first on the daily Hanteo Chart. Moreover, it has already surpassed about 230,000 copies of the same as well.

Additionally, ATEEZ swept the top spot of 36 countries on the iTunes Top Albums chart right after their latest comeback album’s release as well.

Besides this, the music video for their title song “Fireworks (I’m The One)” also recorded about 15.6 million views as of March 8.

ATEEZ’s has truly impressed with their visionary musical style merged with sincere storytelling. The boy group has captured the attentions of fans across the globe with their unique worldview that has been presented ever since their debut. Thus, ATEEZ has proved their prowess as an ace group and a force to be reckoned with, through their broad spectrum of concepts, music, and high-quality performances.

It is certainly indisputable that as ATEEZ grows, so does their voices and stories that more places and people. The group is certainly on their way to take over the globe with their magnetic music and no, it is definitely not an exaggeration.

Meanwhile, ATEEZ is planning to meet fans through music broadcast appearances and various other contents.

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