#NowPlaying : B.I Illuminates The “COSMOS” With His Enchanting Melodies

#NowPlaying : B.I Illuminates The “COSMOS” With His Enchanting Melodies


Spoiler Alert : No skips on this one!

B.I evinces that he is a born musical genius through each of the seven smashing numbers on COSMOS. AND. WE. ARE. HERE. FOR. IT.


Ever since the announcement for this half-album, fans (us included), have been eagerly awaiting its arrival. And was it worth the wait? Unquestionably, yes. The release sees the stellar soloist explore themes of youth, especially of passion and love and mainly through three motifs, namely –

KEEP THE FIRE ALIVE which elucidates the impassioned feeling of attaining power in life. Next, UNCERTAINITY, THE BEAUTY OF YOUTH unravels the idea that if one’s youth is a period of burning fervor and the will to live, on the other hand, there is a lingering uncertainty and also the time of blossoming young love which all cater to beautiful moments.

Last but certainly not least, WE ALL LIVE IN ONE’S COSMOS implies eternal love and how someone personifies the universe in one’s life.


Going in with such a unique concept, B.I impresses with not only his eclectic sounds but also visionary mindset. The singer-rapper-songwriter and producer’s ability to enunciate genuine thoughts with absolute ingenuity is what renders COSMOS as a compelling piece much akin to a captivating work of art.


B.I breathes life into a worldview that centers around the sensibilities of youth while traversing along deep emotions. The seven songs on the album decipher the spirit of love and vehemence in a sublime manner while also posing as a corroboration of the soloist’s creativity and perception.


The artist takes listeners on an unforgettable journey with his rich sounds in this release. COSMOS is an album with brilliant pieces that spotlight the ever evolving and unrivaled musical caliber of the multifaceted musician.


Taking inspiration by Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche, B.I describes “Alive” as a track that is reflective of his quote that reads –

“A ship sailing far away cannot go quietly without encountering wind waves.
Wind waves are always the friends of the advancing ones.
There is rather life’s joy in hardship. What a monotonous voyage without a wind wave!
The more hardships I suffer, the more my heart beats”.


The track definitely channels the essence of the same with its fiery verses. The song sees the star slay with his fierce rap skills against the piano backed lo-fi hip-hop beats. This uplifting piece surely makes a bold statement with its free-spirited style and lyricism that talk about resistance against all odds.

Singing, “I feel alive only when the fire burns”, B.I truly sets the scene ablaze as he delivers a dynamic performance on this outstanding opening number.

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Lingering guitar riffs and an edgy melody lead this smashing rock meets hip-hop track that sheds light on a teen’s angst of adulthood. The song contains the perturbation of a capricious youth who feels burdened by societal pressures of becoming an adult.

The rapper-singer talks about the yearning to be free of responsibilities and expectations that come with growing up as he avers –

“I don’t wanna be responsible for anything | I don’t wanna be deep in front of love | I don’t wanna be a poor adult | My heart is still nineteen”


Despite its defiant tone, “NINETEEN” conveys somewhat of an impish feel which, yet again, stands as a testament to B.I as an artist of great eloquence.


If this song isn’t the definition of a sweet surprise, we don’t know what is! B.I paints an ethereal picture of eternal love through this euphoric lead number in a sense that is both, whimsical and warm.

The otherwise fierce rapper displays a softer avatar that is apparent through the song’s endearing vibe. The ambient sounds and the track’s poetic lyricism renders it as quite the euphonious earworm that will surely leave listeners feeling starry-eyed with its lingering air of romance.


Simply said, “COSMOS” is magical and with its light-hearted tone, is like a comforting hug on a cold day.


While “COSMOS” may delve into the ebullient side of love, “NERD” explores somewhat of a moody facet to the same. Alongside talented singer Colde, B.I conveys another youth-centric chapter, particularly of unrequited love.

The lyricism can be best described as list of sentences with ambiguous meaning with lines like, “I can’t look into your eyes | My heart crosses the melting point and freezing point | Dozens of compromises that I decided by myself | I know I’m pitiful for being this cowardly person”.


The fast-paced lo-fi melody pairs perfectly with B.I’s nimble raps and Colde’s honeyed harmonies. “NERD” is enchanting as it is enigmatic which is what makes it such a vibe.


“Bang Bang” this song is an absolute banger indeed. B.I showcases aspects of a provocative ‘Bonnie & Clyde’ style relationship and the passionate and precarious feelings of those involved.

The heady R&B/alternative rhythm of the track not only highlight’s the superstar’s superlative musicality but also caters to a sultry ambiance that is much in line with the universal fervent aura of “Lover”.


All in all, this perfervid love track makes for quite a smooth listen and is one that will truly break that repeat button on listeners’ playlists.


The digital release concludes with the blazing “Flame”. To sum up this addictive number in a word, it is LIT. The track stands as a bold testament to B.I’s innate talents as he flaunts his unrivalled musical virtuosity as he speaks of strength, power and ambition against haters.

The thundering bass and synths only further the quintessence of the message, and in a high-octane way at that. This song undeniably makes a dynamic statement that KING HANBIN HAS ARRIVED!


Last, but certainly not least, the album winds up with a wistful number titled “Buddy Buddy”. The soft piano and synth melody emphasizes B.I’s low tenor in a marvelous manner.


The song sees the gifted artist unravel a heartfelt story about a person he loves but refrains from considering a relationship with them as he doesn’t wish to burden his loved one with his feelings and so he decides to just be friends instead.

The song is impactful in all its simplicity which is where its charm lies.

Overall, COSMOS is out of this world. Showcasing his all-round expertise through a diverse range of musical spectra, B.I proves that the one and only thing that he doesn’t know how to do, it is creating a bad song!

The half album is filled with a treasure trove of tunes that give a glimpse into the various sides to B.I as well as reiterate his potential as a powerhouse artist.

Be it an introspective release such as WATERFALL or with a half-album that explores his unfeigned emotions of love, passion and power, B.I manifests authenticity as an ace artist. He amazes as he showcases his musical mastery through sincere stories that he weaves through his magical melodies that are bound to take listeners on an evocative journey.


B.I surpasses every meaning of the term ‘cute’ with his music video for “COSMOS”, and no it is not an exaggeration. The clip serves as a visual treat as it sees the powerful rapper shed his fierce style for a sweet boy-next-door look which is enough to make hearts flutter.

The video sees the handsome soloist singing of eternal, unchanged love amidst breathtaking backdrops. All from a busy picturesque town to galactic skies and blooming flower fields, B.I brings the dreamy essence of the track to life in a bewitching way.

Altogether, B.I exibits that he is a force to be reckoned with. With each release, he has undeniably raised bar evincing that he is an artist of matchless musicality.

Photos | Video Credits: 131 LABEL | IOK MUSIC

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