B.I, Destiny Rogers & Tyla Yaweh Prove They “Got It Like That” In New MV

B.I, Destiny Rogers & Tyla Yaweh Prove They “Got It Like That” In New MV

Look who’s got his swag on and is slaying listeners with his cool tunes – Why, its none other than the super talented B.I who’s back with his fiery global single with ace artists Destiny Rogers and Tyla Yaweh!

B.I is back and with a certified banger at that. The multitalented idol joined forces with stellar musicians Destiny Rogers and Tyla Yaweh for his much-awaited global single.

Titled, “Got It Like That”, the song is produced by The Stereotypes. They have worked with several esteemed artists such as Justin Bieber, Cardi B, and Bruno Mars, to name a few.

After piquing curiosities of IDs across the world with his striking teasers for the same, B.I has unveiled a captivating clip to commemorate the release of his new track. The three artists channel their unique charms as they sing that they “Got It Like That” in their refreshing music video.

The video is an absolute delight from start till the end. Destiny Rogers allures with her trendy style. The songstress, who has also co-written the track alongside B.I and Tyla Yaweh captures attentions with her dulcet voice which evokes quite a chill feel.


What amplifies the laidback feel of the track is B.I’s flawless harmonization with Destiny Rogers’ melodies. The sweet soloist is sure to make fans swoon to his mellow notes that are simply sublime to listen to. To add to that, B.I looks like the ultimate showstopper through the length of the clip and awes with his handsome visuals.

Moreover, his snazzy rap verse only raises the coolness quotient of this number. The lyricism certainly makes quite a resounding statement with lines such as, “Started from the bottom now we only top shelf/ I feel like I’m walking on cloud nine/ Me, myself, and I, write a new story/ Finna take off, be my own boss/ Ain’t no limit, ’cause it ain’t my fault“.


Towards the end of the track, Tyla Yaweh amazes with his fierce demeanor. Coming in with some of his exciting verses, the artist elevates the song’s easygoing ambience.

The rapper dazzles with his low-key fashion that is further reflective of the groovy air of the track as well.


All in all, it wouldn’t be far-fetched to say that B.I undeniably spotlights his all-round expertise. He manifests his mettle as a powerhouse musician with this number. The rapper-singer-songwriter is definitely raising the bar and has highlighted the same through his releases so far.

He proves that not only can he comfort listeners with his heartwarming soft tunes such as in Midnight Blue (LOVE STREAMING) but also impress with his enrapturing tunes through a superb R&B style track like “Got It Like That”.


It is safe to say that this global single only furthers anticipations for what’s to come with B.I’s forthcoming full length album on June 1.

Meanwhile, listen to and add B.I’s beguiling new single “Got It Like (feat. Destiny Rogers & Tyla Yaweh)” here:

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Photo | Video Credits: 131 Label

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