B.I Impresses With Show-Stopping Performances At His First Online Concert

B.I Impresses With Show-Stopping Performances At His First Online Concert


B.I definitely delivered what can only be described as a musical and visual treat with his 131 LIVE Presents: B.I First Online Concert. The stellar all-rounder fascinated fans across the globe with a dynamic range of performances that unquestionably enchanted every ID.


From the get-go, B.I caught the eye of fans with his sophisticated visuals from the moment he appeared. Looking like the ultimate trendsetter that he is, the singer-rapper looked absolutely handsome as he rocked his blonde tresses with some fashionable attires.

Exclaiming “Long time no see (it’s been a while)”, B.I showed off his colorful charms as he opened up the stages to his riveting songs from his first regular album WATERFALL in sequential order.


The multifaceted musician certainly owned the stage with his dynamic demeanor with his performances of the tracks “WATERFALL”, “돗대 (ONE AND ONLY) “, and “BE I”, among others.

Moreover, he stirred with his sublime vocals while he graced the stage with his performances of “해변 (illa illa)”, “긴 꿈 (Daydream)”, and “그땐 내가 (Then)”.


B.I spotlighted his unmatched talents as he gave an unwavering live performance while showcasing some intense moves. His commanding stage presence paired with the aesthetic directing, and high-quality screen-VCR video made the performance more complete.

Sharing his feelings about his first online concert, B.I said, “Thank you so much for coming to the concert. I can’t hear the sound, but your cheers touched my heart. I’m really nervous because it’s been a long time since I’ve performed, but I’ll try not to show it”.

He continued, “During the rehearsal stage, I felt a feeling that I had forgotten and could not easily recollect. I was so happy to do my first concert. I felt the passion that I feel for music all over again because of this experience.

B.I sweetly added, “If there is even one person in the world who listens to my music, I vowed to perform with all my might and do my best,” expressing his love for his dear ID.


The powerhouse idol further thanked fans against and said, “Thank you so much for watching. Through 131 Live Presents, we tried to show the content and direction 131 wanted to show. We wanted to create a place to communicate not only with music but also with various cultures. There are more stories prepared for the future, so please look forward to it”.

The electrifying concert also saw some top-notch global artists take part in the event as well. The musicians who lit up the stage alongside B.I included none other than famous singer-songwriter Pink Sweat$ who joined in all the way from Los Angeles and delivered a special performance of his track “AT MY WORST”.

Afgan also took to the stage to captivate audiences with his mellifluous vocals and unique tone. Amping up the swag factor at the show was the one and only Destiny Rogers who teamed up with B.I. The duo unequivocally had everyone vibing to their groovy tune as they manifested that they definitely “Got It Like That”.


Displaying an unparalleled synergy, Epik High took to the stage and amazed viewers with performances of their hit tracks among others. The ace trio got on stage with B.I and added to the elation of fans with their “Born Hater” and “Stay” stages.

Finally, B.I concluded the show with a heartwarming message as he said, “I think I’ve seen all of your cheers, enthusiasm, and felt everyone dancing to the songs”. He added, “Time flies really fast. Thank you for watching until the end”.


Time and again, B.I has proved that he is indeed a force to be reckoned with. Through his first full album, various global releases and now, the online concert, the soloist underlines the same, and showcases his all-round excellence as a singer, rapper and performer in the most exceptional way.

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Photos Credits: 131 LABEL | IOK MUSIC

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