B.I Leaves Us Speechless With His Superb “WATERFALL” Live Film

B.I Leaves Us Speechless With His Superb “WATERFALL” Live Film

B.I has returned with a resounding bang as he proves he’s back to reclaim his throne like the king he is!

After taking breaths away with his heartening WATERFALL Intro Film, B.I shines underneath the spotlight in his powerful Live Film for the same. The artist reiterates why he owns the title of being an all-rounder with this clip that assuredly awes to say the least!

Indisputably, it wouldn’t be an overstatement to aver that the 2 minutes 45 seconds length of the clip is filled with instances to leave one amazed. The multifaceted idol bares his heart as he elucidates his tale in the most exquisite way.

Standing in an empty field, B.I looks suave in his suit and tie look. He definitely commands the ambiance with gravitas and with sheer grace at that. Spotlighting his creative and musical genius, quite literally, the soloist unravels his worldview through a simplistic yet sublime way.


“WATERFALL” is somewhat of a diss track but serves as an overview of his journey in a way. The lyricism, is one that undoubtedly stands out. The song highlights some hard-hitting lines amidst a groovy EP, synth bass based hip-hop beat that was first introduced in his Intro Film.

With lines such as, “My name’s monster, my name’s sinner/ My name’s hypocrite, my name’s crock/ My name’s trash, a fool/ I should accept it all, what excuses could I give?.. If not me, who will remember?” he stirs with his sincerity as he gives a glimpse into his life out of the limelight.


He pours his raw emotions in a poetic way. B.I croons, “I try to become like water and live with the flow.. Collapse, the depth hidden in those words/Understanding it I can paint a new future.”

B.I wraps up this absolute MASTERPIECE as he expresses his gratitude for his experiences which lead him to become who he is today, in his words, “Waterfall, that begins with falling down.. THAT’S ME!”.

Meanwhile, B.I will be bringing forth his beguiling tunes through his first full album soon. The release will be revealed across multiple music sources on June 1.

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Photos | Video Credits To: 131 Label | IOK MUSIC

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