B.I Releases Sublime Track Films For His Upcoming Album “WATERFALL”

B.I Releases Sublime Track Films For His Upcoming Album “WATERFALL”

B.I ensured that his IDs’ day was filled with (snippets of) harmonious tunes as he released one exciting track film after another!

B.I certainly decided to make everyone’s day better as well as raise anticipations with his exciting sequential reveals. The multifaceted idol took to his official SNS to unravel his Track Films #3 – #7. Each of the films give a glimpse into the creative genius of the all-round artist in the most aesthetic way.

Commencing the day at 0 AM KST, the rapper-singer released his dreamy Track Film #3 of his song “긴 꿈 (Daydream) (Feat. ???)”. Each moment of the 34 second length of clip is sure to hit listeners right in their feels. Not only that, but also fuel curiosities as to which artist would be featuring on the track with the “Got It Like That” crooner.

There are no words in this world to encapsulate the sentiment that this snippet stirs. B.I looks enchanting to say the least. The powerhouse performer’s famous visuals are the main focus through the video, as his face is illuminated solely by a muted blue tint.

B.I captivates as he beautifully channels his emotions with his expressive features, especially, his eloquent gaze. The overall concept of this film undeniably reflects the theme of the track in a visionary way.

At 9 AM KST, the sweet soloist shook hearts with a somber Track Film #4 for his track “Numb”. The lyricism so far is sure to knock listeners right off their feet as each line comes crashing like a wave of emotions.

B.I looks very put together as he sits amidst a minimalistic backdrop. While he captures with his handsome features, it is his vocals that take the centerstage through this clip. He carries a despondent expression as he sings, “I feel so numb. I don’t know what to look like. I don’t know how to feel. As if all my senses were paralyzed. I don’t remember it. I feel so numb”.

These lines are certainly enough to move viewers with its heart-rending undertone. However, the last still in the clip is sure to rouse a powerful response as it sees B.I laying in a body bag. Through this video, the musician unquestionably leaves viewers speechless as he makes quite the statement in a poignant way.

TALK ABOUT BEING A WORK OF ART! B.I released his Track Film #5 at 12 PM KST, and once again, the musician proves his authenticity as an artist and in the most ingenious manner at that.

The film opens with a breathtaking close up shot of B.I as he looks on in a melancholic mien. The still later morphs into monochromatic frames of butterflies coming out of their cocoons. The theme of metamorphosis is further elaborated by the rapper’s experimental style as well.

He is seen running aimlessly between hazy sequences of him sporting an intriguing face mask as he stands in a backdrop surrounded with countless butterflies before he is suddenly pulled by something unknown. The film concludes with B.I waking up on a bed situated in the middle of nowhere as he croons of the illusion in his life. Through the vague, misty stills in the snippet, he beautifully expresses his transition as an artist, of how he is born again, and ready to spread his wings like a butterfly

Next, B.I revealed a riveting Track Film #6 for his song named “Flow Away”, that was unveiled at 3 PM KST. The star shines in a beguiling black and white clip that ensures that all eyes are solely on him. He holds quite the dynamic demeanor which sets the overall high-powered tone for the film.

Rocking a beret and a trendy ensemble, B.I is seen walking ahead confidently. The supertalented soloist enraptures with the short glimpse of his verse. Backed by a soft bass synth beat, he raps, “Life is short, there’s a long way to go. I’ll first shake the dust off my memory and wind up the clock that has stopped. I’ll scribble down the reasons to live“.

This film impresses as it radiates with a passionate vibe that screams that “B.I HAS ARRIVED” that is further conveyed in the most perceptive style!

Finally, the alluring artist showcased his artistic genius through his Track Film #7 that released at 6 PM KST. Like the ultimate show-stopper that he is, B.I looks like a fashion king. The idol dazzles in his chic attire that he pairs with some snazzy sunglasses for effect.

B.I is seen lighting up sparklers while he stands back in a solemn manner. The imagery brings forth the idea of holding up a pretense of being alright when you are actually not. This is furthered by the lyrics of “Help me” that play during these stills.

The versatile artist sings, “I’m a liar. I tell my family that I’m okay, although I feel like I’m dying”. The 33 second length of the clip not just puts emphasis on the all-rounder’s features that are on fleek, but also his brilliant mind that reiterates what an ingenious artist B.I is indeed.

Meanwhile, the bedazzling B.I will bring forth his powerpacked music through his first full album WATERFALL. The release will be unveiled across various music sources at 6 PM KST on June 1.

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