B.I Reveals His Official Fandom Name And The Sweet Meaning Behind It

B.I Reveals His Official Fandom Name And The Sweet Meaning Behind It

B.I announces his official fandom name and it is sweeter than ever!

Kim Hanbin has melted the hearts of all his fans yet again and this time by giving them an official name! The powerhouse musician, through his label’s official SNS, presented his much-awaited fandom name.

Addressing his beloved fans with a “Dear ID”, it unravels an even adoring message with the same. Stating that –

“‘ID (BE IDENTITY/아이디)’ is a name for people that completes B.I’s identity. It means that B.I and ‘ID’ sharing each other’s feeling and growing together so that we together can build our new identity. Be B.I’s ‘ID’ so that we can draw our future together.”


This reveal has certainly amplified the excitements for every ID across the globe for what’s to come in the future for this multifaceted idol.

Earlier this year, B.I stunned as he made a comeback with his feature on a striking track titled “Acceptance Speech” from Epik High’s album Epik High Is Here 上, Part 1. To say that the rapper-singer stole breaths away on the track, would be nothing short of an understatement!


Additionally, he recently revealed his solo album titled Midnight Blue (LOVE STREAMING). The release truly captivated with its comforting and compelling melodies.

Featuring three tracks in total, namely, “Midnight Blue”, “Remember me” and “Blossom”, B.I showcased his visionary musical style as he expressed his unfeigned emotions through the beguiling notes of each of the serene songs.

Through the album, B.I delivers a sense of solace with his warm, honey-like vocals on the title track. He brings forth an unforgettable masterpiece with “Remember me”. Additionally, he showcases that he has indeed blossomed into a perceptive artist with the lilting “Blossom”.

With this release, he didn’t just capture hearts with his soulful tunes but also with his heartwarming deeds.

As part of the music donation project, B.I donated all of the album’s profits and copyright fees to World Vision, showcasing that he truly embodies the term ‘idol’ in every sense indeed.

🎉Congratulations on your official fandom name ID!🎉

Source: 131 Label

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