B.I Drops More Melodious Track Films For “WATERFALL”

B.I Drops More Melodious Track Films For “WATERFALL”

B.I has got us counting down to the days to the arrival of his upcoming album after he amazes with superb track film after track film!

B.I has released some more riveting snippets of his track across his official SNS and WE. ARE. HERE. FOR. IT! The rapper-singer has certainly roused anticipations for his forthcoming first full album WATERFALL as he gives a glimpse into the same through track films #8 to #12.


At 0 AM KST, the idol revealed the clip of his Track Film #8 for his song titled “역겹겠지만 (Remember me)”. And, let’s just say, the video is nothing short of being the paragon of the term ‘ADORABLE (yes, in all caps, at that!)’.

For the soloist who often claimed to hate aegyo, he is the quintessence of cuteness in this particular film. The otherwise intense and fierce artist brings forth a more vibrant and light hearted feel with the overall concept of the video.

B.I melts with his sweet childlike charms through every frame of the clip and no, it isn’t an exaggeration. With flushed cheeks, an innocent gaze and ingenuous expression, the musician is sure to claim every ID’s heart.

While the concept of the video may be endearingly sweet, the message of the track accompanying it is far from it. The film sees B.I conveying a frightened demeanor. However, his honeyed vocals enrapture while the song in the backdrop avers, “Although it’s disgusting, but please don’t forget me. After all, we used to be in love. Because if I disappear from your memory, then I won’t be in this world anymore”.

The ace artist reaches for those heartstrings and evokes a heartfelt emotion that is only furthered by the theme of the track film. Talk about absolute brilliance!

The stellar soloist revealed his next Track Film #9 for his song named “STAY” at 9 AM KST. The song furthers curiosities to say so. The ??? unquestionably get fans questioning as to which artist will be harmonizing their vocals with B.I’s euphonious melodies on the number.

The “Got It Like That” crooner looks effortlessly cool in each of the frames of the film. Sporting a slick hairdo and an all-black ensemble, B.I looks like an absolute rockstar. He is seen standing alone during a dark night when he is approached by a mysterious car with its headlights shining on B.I as if like a spotlight.

The car starts backtracking as the singer runs towards it. While the 27 seconds of the clip are filled with elements that evoke intrigue, as does the snippet of the track accompanying it. B.I sounds like a dream as his soft husky vocals take over. He sings, “As the dark night might swallow me up. Let’s stay together for a day like forever. I may sound like a funny kid, but stay with me now”.

Later at 12 PM KST, the superstar dazzled fans with yet another magnetic Track Film #10 titled “비 온 뒤 흐림 (GRAY)”. Once again, B.I takes breaths away with his handsome visuals and bold bearing.

The rapper is driving away in a car on a rainy night. The overall imagery makes clever use of lighting takes up the gloomy vibe with its moody feel.

Moreover, the lilting guitar strums add somewhat of a melancholic allure to the track film. B.I sweetly sings, ” Baby, it is only when the dark clouds have passed by, that I can see your face. I close my eyes because I can’t do much about it”. The musician’s warm voice backed with an airy, soothing melody definitely makes for a magical listening experience.

Without a doubt, B.I has us enchanted with his dulcet tunes and awaiting the arrival of his album Don’t you agree ID?

B.I has given a sneak peek into this track many a times by now. We’re talking about his song titled “그땐 내가 (Then)” for which he unveiled his Track Film #11. The track was first revealed as his DEMO. 1 on SoundCloud and later at the start of his WATERFALL Intro Film.

In the video, B.I slays as he strides in a kingly fashion in his stylish attire. He stands close to the lens and is a vision to behold while he flaunts his famous visuals before walking away in a confident manner.

As a demo, the song is impressive in its acapella style that focuses on his pristine vocals. The track had made fans shed a tear (or two) with its poignant lyricism. It features moving lines such as, “The bearer of the star’s tears. The heart that was hurt in the darkness. Will the sun shine through my sky?”.

Therefore, it comes as no surprise that when backed with a mellifluous instrumental, it is bound to take the song to a whole other level.

Last, but certainly not least, B.I concluded his track films with a befitting Track Film #12 for his heartwarming piece “다음 생 (Re-Birth)“. The track was first released under his dear fandom ID’s name on various music sources.

The powerhouse artist looks resplendent as he stands in the middle of a lush green landscape. B.I gazes onwards while his ambient vocals command the atmosphere as he sings the lines, “In my next life, I’ll go and find you. We’ll meet again like an inevitable coincidence”.

The track is one that contains heartfelt lyricism that is akin to a love letter for his fans. Moreover, being as it the concluding track of his album, it seems as though B.I signifies that he is starting anew and that, it is only but the beginning of a new journey for the rising star.

Meanwhile, B.I will be unravelling his brilliant harmonies in his first full album. WATERFALL will be releasing across multiple music sites and will be available to stream globally on June 1.

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