B.I Captivates With A Cinematic “WATERFALL” Intro Film

B.I Captivates With A Cinematic “WATERFALL” Intro Film


B.I is certainly preparing to bring forth what one can only assume to be a masterpiece, with his forthcoming album. He tugs at heartstrings with a powerful intro film for his nearing release WATERFALL. The inspiring artist stirs with each of the stills through the video.

From the moment the film commences, it engrosses with its tenebrous frames of stormy clouds and shadowy stills. The clip is one that will, without a doubt, take fans on an emotive journey. Backing the film is B.I’s soul-stirring vocals that only amplify the video’s overall heart-rending feel.

The first few instances see the outstanding artist walking on a railway track in a tunnel towards a white light. The scene quickly shifts to unveil a somber narrative. It also features a tune reminiscent of one of the star’s riveting SoundCloud releases -specifically “DEMO.1“.


It follows the musical genius running frantically amidst a misty setting. He then breaks down in front of a mirror and later, gets almost hit by a car. He is seen looking defeated as he silently cries while putting down a phone. All these desolating shots only lead to B.I running away anxiously in search of light. The singer-rapper ultimately finds himself free-falling into a dark abyss-like place.

The video concludes with a slide bearing the name of the album against an upbeat hip-hop style melody. It then showcases a still of flowy waters before displaying the word “MOTHER” at the end.

This is just the intro film but it already strikes a chord with fans thanks to its contents that feel almost metaphorical. It seems as though B.I is elucidating his own story to the viewers through the poignant worldview presented in the video.


All from the camera flashes that symbolize him trying hard to get out of the darkness and his expressive eyes that bear all the pain and the anxiety he felt. Also moments showcasing him crying on the phone with no one to listen to finally, B.I falling in deep waters but finding himself floating above it as though signifying him coming out a survivor.

With such a spectacular sneak peek into B.I’s album on the way, it certainly wouldn’t be far-fetched to state that anticipations are high for the approaching releases leading to the arrival of WATERFALL.

Moreover, it kindles curiosities for what musical styles and stories King Hanbin will unravel through the album as once again he awes with his visionary state of mind as evident in his ‘WATERFALL’ Intro Film.

Meanwhile, B.I will be releasing his exciting first full album WATERFALL across various music sources on June 1 at 6 PM KST.

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Photos | Video Credits To: 131 Label | IOK MUSIC

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