B.I Personifies Power In His “WATERFALL” Performance Film

B.I Personifies Power In His “WATERFALL” Performance Film

So, the dictionary can very well go ahead and change the meaning of the word ‘multitalented’ to Kim Hanbin.

B.I unveiled his performance film for WATERFALL through his agency’s official SNS. Spoiler Alert: The film will surely leave every ID across the globe spellbound through its minute and 56 seconds length! The rapper floors with his fierce style and intense energy.

Contrary to the simplistic backdrop revealed in his ‘WATERFALL’ Live Film that was released yesterday, B.I showcases a more dynamic setup in line with the equally high octane performance.

The alluring artist undeniably embodies the theme of ‘waterfall’ in an aesthetic manner that is reflective of his authenticity as an artist. Water freezes, melts, flows, and forms depending on the environment it is in. Similarly, B.I shows that he too can epitomize its characteristics and channel both, a ferocious and calm aura.


In the live film, the rapper looks breathtaking in a suave suited up look while he drops verse after perfect verse and evokes quite the impassioned feel. Through the performance film, ID’s best boy B.I reveals a more casual chic style and still slays, but this time with his powerful and free-flowing moves. While he retains the passional tone of the former, through the new film he exudes major chill vibes.

Through his striking track, fans got to see a very raw and real side of the musician. It reflected in his power-packed tune that heralded an indisputable fluidity. “WATERFALL” certainly makes an impressive statement with its hard-hitting lyricism. And paired with its booming beats, it is nothing short of being a masterpiece.


Meanwhile, B.I is on his way to set hearts aflutter with his magnetic melodies on his first full album WATERFALL. It will be arriving over multiple music sources on June 1.

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