B-Side Beats: GOT7

B-Side Beats: GOT7


GOT7 has showcased their potential as a powerhouse group with their diverse discography ever since their debut. Their dynamism as well as matchless charisma that radiates through their music and performances is undeniable. The septet without a doubt, had listeners grooving to tracks like “Girls Girls Girls”, “Hard Carry”, “Just Right”, “You Calling My Name” and the recent, “NOT BY THE MOON”.

However, there are plenty of hidden gems in the group’s musical treasure trove that should definitely not be missed! Here is a list of just some of them to explore the multifold charms of GOT7 through some of these beguiling B-Sides.


This poetic number is sure to make fans swoon to its jazzy rhythm. “LOVE YOU BETTER” is a track from GOT7’s recent release DYE. The track is written by Jinyoung and features a captivating melody. The layered R&B beat with bright 8-bit synth based melody gives the track a very groovy vibe.

Moreover, the instrumental further mimics that knocking effect which mirrors the lyricism of the track, “Knock knock on your window/ Midnight’s love, love serenade/ I need you in my life/ I want you for my whole life/ Knock knock shaking your heart/ Sweet love, love serenade/ Getting closer/ Without anyone knowing/ I’ll only let you hear me all night.”

The song is the perfect combination of sweet meets sensual and it is definitely one euphonious earworm that will surely have listeners playing it on loop!


Another bop from the aforementioned album. “POISON” features an actual whistle and was written by Yugyeom. The hip-hop based harmony is enough to keep listeners entranced. The track talks about going after a love interest without having any worries of consequences. And the members certainly do not disappoint in bringing forth the boldness of the track with absolute élan.

The track certainly goes all in for the kill with its lethal next level vocals and raps. From Jackson’s sing-rap style verses, Mark’s playful raps, BamBam’s pre-chorus husky tones, JB and Jinyoung beautifully harmonizing their vocals especially during the chorus, Yugyeom’s breathy vocals particularly towards the end of the track to Youngjae’s soul shaking high note at the bridge, is what makes “POISON” an absolute  banger!


The vocal line really shines on this one – “RUN AWAY” from GOT7’s album Call My Name, is such a perfectly balanced, peppy yet simple track about wanting to run away and spending time with your lover. The song boasts of quite an uplifting ambiance. The bright 70 funk bassline gives this track a relaxed feel while the electro pop rhythm adds to the overall lively vibe.

While the rap line is flawless as ever, the vocal line will enrapture you – Yugyeom, JB, Jinyoung and Youngjae are sure captivate to state the least! The way their voices synchronize is just so smooth and effortless which is why this track is one that everyone surely wouldn’t want to ‘run away’ from.


“THURSDAY” talks about a budding relationship and its challenges. The song portrays the members asking their love interests to become more comfortable in the relationship.

As the lyrics suggest that it’s not like the relationship is nothing but it’s like the time between a weekday and the weekend and that between Mon, Tue, Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun, they’re Thursday but now they want to get past that and get to the weekend and make it about each other, getting to know each other better.

This track does a fabulous job of spotlighting the group’s playful charms in a fun manner. Moreover, the cleverly penned lyrics as well as the fresh guitar based melody are what make the overall listening experience all the more refreshing.


“Take Me To You” (GOT7 Present: You & Me), is an upbeat pop-ballad that is comforting as it is compelling. The track stirs with its soft vocal and rap verses that spotlight the group’s musical genius flawlessly.

The lyrics are absolutely endearing featuring poignant lines such as, “The wind blows and whispers/ The reason why the birds up on the sky fly towards me and sing is you/ They’re guiding me that my only answer is you/ Take me to you.”

This track is beautiful to put it simply. “Take Me To You” features subtle falsettos, breathy rap verses and flawless high notes that will unquestionably leave listeners’ hearts in a love loop. This number is DEFINITELY one that should not be overlooked!


“I Am Me” is a track produced and written by Jinyoung and is a part of GOT7’s album Present: YOU. It is an inspiring and the perfect pick-me-up track that brings forth the message of self-acceptance, self-love and not caring about what others think.

The guitar and synth based melody perfectly captures the members’ airy vocals. Moreover,  the beat drop in the chorus, makes somewhat of a powerful statement that mirrors the essence of the track itself.


The smooth R&B based melody is what makes “Don’t Care” (Flight Log : Arrival) such an addictive track that is written by Yugyeom. What adds to its magnetizing charm is the breathy vocals of the rap line as they back the high octane harmonies of the vocal line. The heavy synths and snaps further elevate the track and even give it a suave vibe.

The lyricism is essentially a fervid confession of love as seen in lines such as, “I’ll come back again, will you wait for me?/ That kind of moment won’t ever come again/ No I can’t forget about you for a single moment/ I’ll want you more, without any conscience/ I’ll want you more, I don’t care/ Now I can’t help it/ I’ll do as my heart pleases”

This track is sure to leave listeners spellbound with its intense style and dynamic sounds.


This track is from GOT7’s album Flight Log : Turbulence. “Who’s That” is quite playful in its approach with its dance-pop melody. It sees the group complaining about a girl will not stop comparing them to other men.

Though this track may be simplistic in its style as compared to GOT7’s signature hard-hitting tunes, it doesn’t make “Who’s That’ any less of a catchy number especially with its addictive chorus.


This track will surely light a fire in listeners’ hearts with its heartfelt lyricism. “Firework” is about believing in yourself and working for your dreams no matter what. The song is written by Jinyoung and is majorly a vocal heavy track, that sees even the rappers showcase their singing skills in this electro-pop number.

The track shines with its bright harmonies as well as showcases the musical evolution of the septet in a very striking manner. “Firework” is dazzling and one that is sure to give you that warm feeling that you won’t be able to get enough of.


From the group’s 2018 album Spinning Top: Between Security and Insecurity, “PAGE” takes note of GOT7 taking control of their own future and of their assertiveness to write their own story, in their own way, “I’ll slowly write down our own story, more and more and more/ There’s plenty of time, fill my eyes with your own light/ On top of this page/ You and me/ Without any space/ Write, right now”.

The funky, retro bassline, percussion, and synth beats give this track a refreshing tropical vibe. The vocal line especially shines on this number. Mark and BamBam add this intriguing texture to the overall melody with their breathy lines. Jackson’s husky “I think I love you” exclamations are exhilarating to state the least. This one’s definitely one of the best B-side tracks by the group.

GOT7 has showcased and impressed with their magnitude of talents since their debut and their music is just testament to the versatility that the group personifies.

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