B1A4 Confirms Their Upcoming Comeback

B1A4 Confirms Their Upcoming Comeback

B1A4 truly made fans ecstatic after making an exciting announcement!

B1A4 (CNU, Sandeul and Gongchan) are all set to return after a hiatus of about three years. The group’s agency WM Entertainment confirmed, “B1A4 is preparing a regular album with the goal of a comeback in October. As it is a complete album to be released after 3 years, the group is putting in a lot of their efforts in the album. We hope you look forward to it.”

B1A4’s new album is the first album to be released as a trio after Rollin released in September 2017. Moreover, the artists themselves have been recognized for their musical prowess with their unique concepts as self-producing idols. In addition, as the members have impressed with their versatile musical spectra it therefore comes as no surprise that fans’ expectations are riding high for this new album.

CNU  truly proved his competence as an all round artist by releasing soul stirring songs such as “Seoul”, “A Day Of Love” and “Oblique Line”. Sandeul proved his mettle as as a singer-songwriter after his recently released album “My Little Thought” that consisted only of self-composed songs. His OST track from the webtoon She’s My Type titled “Slightly Tipsy” garnered rave responses from listeners and ranked at No. 2 on various music charts. Gongchan has been showcasing his keen sense of entertainment as an MC and an actor.

Meanwhile, B1A4 is preparing for the upcoming comeback album which will be releasing on multiple music sites on October 19.

Source: Herald Pop

Photo Credits: WM Entertainment

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