B1A4’s Sandeul, Gaho, Ailee & More Part Of Second Line-up For “Start-Up” OST

B1A4’s Sandeul, Gaho, Ailee & More Part Of Second Line-up For “Start-Up” OST


The second OST lineup of tvN’s drama Startup has been released. Music Buddy and Vlending, the OST production company of the drama are attracting attention of fans with this rich roster of artists who will be lending their vocals for the soundtrack of the show. 

The OST will be showcasing a versatile range of sounds thanks to its golden lineup, featuring Gaho, an all round artist who has showcased his crisp and high octane vocals, Cheeze who has mesmerized with a serene and sweet tunes, Ailee with her impressive and resonant deeper tones and sensitivity.

The drama will also see the participation of other ace artists including B1A4’s Sandeul with his stirring and authentic vocals, as well as the sweet sounding BOL4. Previously, Red Velvet, Jung Seung Hwan, Kim Feel, 10cm, Oh My Girl’s Seunghee, Jiho, and Binnie, as well as Davichi featured on the first lineup for the OST.

Meanwhile, the drama Startup depicts the story of the growth of young people who jumped into startups dreaming of success in Silicon Valley, Korea. The drama stars some of the most talented artists such as Suzy,  Nam JooHyuk, Kim SeonHo and Kang HanNa. They will be bringing the essence of the story to life through various colors including excitement, empathy, comedy, and emotion.

Source: Herald Pop

Photo Credits: SM Entertainment, WM Entertainment, Rocket 3 Entertainment, Shopar Music, Innext Trend (Planetarium Record), Magic Strawberry Sound, Music Buddy, Blending

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