BTS Spellbinds ARMY With Their Captivating Concept Clips For “Butter”

BTS Spellbinds ARMY With Their Captivating Concept Clips For “Butter”

BTS is all set to melt hearts as they prepare to reveal their smooth as “Butter” comeback single.

The dynamic global group has managed to dominate music conversations with their stunning concept clips!

BTS has undoubtedly captured global interest once again with the announcement of their upcoming single “Butter”. The single was creatively announced on their SNS account through a logo trailer on April 26, 2021.


Following this, the group released the concept clip teaser poster and the concept images over the next few days which highlighted each element that was seen in the poster.

Post the release of the concept poster on May 1, the first set of concept clips were released on May 3, which featured BTS’ leader RM and maknae Jungkook respectively.

With a backdrop of psychedelic lights in each of the concept clips, the first one stars Jungkook who is seen having fun and running around a set up of a table for one. Exuding charismatic charms, he is then seen seated on the table as he spreads the heart shaped butter on a piece of toast. Even though we see him in a playful avatar, the clip has a mysterious vibe to it.

The second clip sees RM pose against a similar backdrop with a standing light, as he grooves to the beat in his signature swag style. The clip ends with the handsome leader setting off a party popper and being surrounded by confetti in a firework like fashion.

The next set of concept clips were released on May 4, each of which featured members Jin and SUGA.

Jin’s clip showcases the worldwide handsome singer posing with smiley faced balloons against the same psychedelic projection wall backdrop that we see in each image. His charismatic charms and playfulness are wonderfully highlighted in the clip and add to the intrigue of the viewer, especially when he lets go of the balloon strings at the end of the clip.

The next clip sees ace rapper SUGA holding a vintage camera as he exudes a soft yet strong swag throughout the clip. Interestingly, for most part of the clip, we do not get to see his entire face save for two shots towards the end. Yet he is able to capture the viewer’s attention through his body language and movements.

The last set of concept clips featuring members J-Hope, Jimin and V was finally unveiled on May 5.

The first clip featuring the talented dancer and rapper J-Hope sees him fluidly moving to the rhythm of the beats as he holds a lollipop and later candies in his clip. His handsome looks and demeanor add a sense of cheerfulness mixed with an air of anticipation in the clip.

The next clip sees Jimin effortlessly mesmerizing the screen with his visuals and poses as he lightly dances holding a drink in a bottle. His charms exude a sense of self confidence that is undeniably captivating. Talk about looking like the ultimate stunner!


The final set of concept clips features the stunning member V who personifies the term “if looks could kill”. Posing with jellybeans, he radiates a certain charm and appeal that ends the concept clip series on the perfect note of excitement, curiosity and expectations for what’s to come.

The clips have undeniably melted the hearts of ARMYs all around the world as fans wait with bated breaths for the single to release. BTS is all set to indulge their fans with more visual delights as they will release the concept teaser photos and the MV teaser post May 10 leading up to the final release of the song on May 21 at 1 PM KST.

ARMY are you excited for your best boys BTS’ forthcoming masterpiece?

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Photos | Video Credits: BIGHIT MUSIC

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