BTS Dazzles With Dynamic Performances In “BTS MAP OF THE SOUL ON:E” Concert


BTS unveiled electrifying performances through their second online concert BTS MAP OF THE SOUL ON:E held 4 months after Bang Bang Con: The Live. The concert was everything what fans hoped for and more with its magnificent and rich aesthetics. Additionally, four large stages were prepared to provide a sense of liveliness to the audiences through augmented reality (AR) and extended reality (XR).

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The concert saw a stunning set list for the performances from “ON”, “N.O”, “Boy In Luv”, “Black Swan”, “Boy With Luv”. BTS later turned up the heat with stages such as “DNA”, “Dope”, and “No More Dream” and also showcased a different stage. The tracks “Butterfly” and “RUN” were presented on the stage of the first performance encore, while at the end of the second encore, the group lit up the stage with performances of “Spring Day”, “IDOL”, and “Dynamite”.

During the encore stage, the septet made a sincere confession to fans all over the world and promised to continue singing for their beloved ARMY until the spring day when they can meet again.

Post the performance, J-Hope said, “I feel very good today. It is also the last day, and I feel like I’ve finished with success. It’s a very light and good vibe. It seems to be a rewarding, overwhelming moment that I prepared really hard for. It’s so novel and new yet it feels the same. Thank you so much.”

He added, “We always think every time of what we can do to show you the best in this situation, and keep making plans for what to do. We are moving forward. We look forward to your continued interest in our actions. I would like to say once again that you have great power today. Thank you so much. Your energy is our great driving force.”

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Jimin who got a little emotional post the concert confessed, “I am so happy to finish the concert like this again. Thank you so much. I was so grateful and happy that your voice was delivered like this even though it was over the screen here. In fact, I miss your voice the most in the world – it’s the prettiest and happiest sound. I’m so happy to hear this. It’s our strength and it means everything to us. I’m so happy to hear it.”

Leader RM said, “I’m really happy.” He expressed joy of being able to connect with ARMYs around the world through technology despite the ongoing pandemic. He said, “It’s not anyone’s fault. We are human and we do our best. We do what we can. We can see each other’s faces and share the same energy. I wish for our fans around the world to be healthy and happy.”

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Jungkook said, “I talked with Namjoon hyung yesterday. It is true that Corona shouldn’t have come in our lives. Looking at your faces, I thought a lot about all the times we performed in different places. And so, we really felt a lot of appreciation for the technology to hear your shouts from a distance,” adding “Of course, how would I not be disappointed. It would be better to see you and hear your voices. But I’m happy if you are well and I am very grateful for this moment. I received a lot of strength from you. Thank you so much for watching from afar and I hope that we will continue to make many precious memories. Thank you so much and I love you.”

Jin said, “I’m very sorry. Actually, I prepared this cue sheet from last year and, if it had been the way it was (according to the sheet), we would have gone around the world to perform this year. It’s so unfortunate that we only got to do it twice today and yesterday, and it hurts my heart.”

“It’s too bad to be able to see fans only on the screen, but if there’s a bad thing, there will always be good things. Since the situation around the is not so good as of now, I think I’ll be 2-3 times more happier next time we get to meet with ARMYs. Let’s be healthy until the day we meet. I love you.” J-Hope laughed, “Let’s have hope!”

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Expressing his heartfelt thoughts, Suga said, “While preparing for this concert, I watched the movie “Break The Silence”. All of those moments seem like a dream. It’s been less than a year since it took place, but I’ve already gotten used to this situation so that I wonder how it must be for the audiences. However, as the members said, the technology has improved, so we are able to perform like this, and we feel grateful that you can watch the performance on the screen.” He further stated, “By preparing for this stage, I once again felt like myself, like I was a person who plays music and performs. I hope that we all will be in good health until the situation is over. I don’t know when we will meet, so please prepare for it. I will visit you on a more tremendous stage then. Thank you.”

V thanked Big Hit Entertainment’s Chairman Bang Si-hyuk for the concert. He said, “I was really lucky to be able to perform like this. I’m so grateful to Chairman Bang Si-hyuk who came up with this solution for us to be able to get back on the stage and perform.” The singer also averred, “Once the performance ended, it still doesn’t seem like it was with ARMY. I’ll only wait for the day I can meet you all. I can’t live without real ARMYs. Let’s make something that we can do together again.”

Finally, RM said, “Now we are at the end of the long run. It was a performance where tens of thousands of emotions intersect. Our march began with a very small dream where only 7 boys gathered. The dream was divided into several branches and many thoughts were made. But not all have to go to the same place. We had to walk towards the things we believe and love, not where the bright lights and cheers erupt. We met a lot of weak people on that road, but who did not abandon themselves.” 

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“Our journey with you is heading for the narrow path of the world. Anyone can join our procession. Our language is music and our map is a dream. We fly countless flags of different colors and in different languages. We will march together forever singing different stories. Our BTS will be the story of you, me, and all of us, not just 7 people.”

Meanwhile, BTS, who successfully concluded their online concert BTS MAP OF THE SOUL ON:E will be making an appearance at the 2020 Billboard Music Awards on October 14.

Source: Newsen

Photo Credits: Big Hit Entertainment

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