BTS’ Jin Soars On iTunes Charts In 105 Countries With “Moon”

BTS’ Jin Soars On iTunes Charts In 105 Countries With “Moon”

BTS’ lunar prince Jin has achieved a stellar feat yet again with his mesmerizing number “Moon”!

BTS’ Mr. Worldwide Handsome Jin has achieved a feat that can be dubbed as worldwide awesome after his solo song “Moon” from BTS’ album Map Of The Soul: 7 topped on the iTunes charts in 105 countries at the time of writing. This achievement is one that breaks the record for the highest ranking for a solo B side track.

Furthermore, among the songs in Map Of The Soul: 7, Jin’s heartwarming track ties with their foot thumping number “Black Swan”, making it the third most popular song on iTunes. Among K-pop solo artists, “Moon” became the second most popular song on iTunes after V’s “Sweet Night” in 115 countries. Moreover, Jin’s “Moon” was previously ranked in the top 5 in ’75 Greatest Boy Band Songs of All Time’ list as curated by Rolling Stone magazine.

“Moon” is a sweet gift by Jin made for ARMYs. Serenading with his dulcet vocals, the gifted artist captures fans’ hearts with heartfelt, loving words of  praise and promises of being together eternally. He references ARMYs as the Earth and himself as the moon that orbits around them when he sings lines such as, “You are my planet, I’m just a moon to you/ Your little star that lights up your heart/You are my earth and all I see is you.”

The track and its idyllic imagery serve as a sentimental metaphor of how much ARMYs, mean to Jin. “Moon” shines with its upbeat instrumentals and Jin’s breathy notes and faultless falsetto which makes this a magical song.

Source: Star News

Images Credit: Big Hit Entertainment

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