Celebrate #500DaysWithTXT

Celebrate #500DaysWithTXT

It’s been 500 days since TXT debuted, so what better way to celebrate but with some of their best music!

Having debuted under Big Hit Entertainment, the very company that houses the powerhouse group BTS, TXT have impressed not just with their recent album, but from their first song itself!

As TXT or Tomorrow X Together complete 500 days of their debut,  it is only fitting to commemorate the day with some amazing music from the five member group. For a group that is just over a year old, they have a spectacular discography that showcases TXT’s potential to becoming K-pop’s ace musicians. 

And, here is a list of tracks that showcase just that!


The list would be incomplete without without the track that started it all. “Crown,” is TXT’s debut track from their first album, The Dream Chapter: Star.  

The lyrics of the track express the story of a boy who grows horns on his head and began to think that he’s a monster. He runs away to find solace but in the journey he feels lonely. All that changes when he meets another boy who has wings and finally begins to feel better.

The peppy melody backed with the fresh voices of TXT bring out the song’s innate message beautifully of the horns representing one’s insecurities and that it is only when one meets someone who truly understands them is when a person learns to see the differences as unique and precious, like a crown.

Our Summer

This song is the like a ray of sunshine and lives up to its name. “Our Summer,” with its EDM pop beat is uplifting. The texture in the melody created by the use of varied percussion elements is beautifully executed. The vocals of each of the members harmonize like a dream which gives this track its breezy personality.

The song is about a special someone that makes the boys feel like it’s summer every day with their love, as the lyrics suggest, “Spread before your eyes is the ivory Milky Way / Blooming gold season, like our summer / No matter where you are, no matter what season / If we’re together, feel like summer.”

Cat & Dog

“Cat & Dog,” is one of TXT’s standout tracks and with good reason. This is one of the group’s first tracks that sees them delving into the hip-hop genre, albeit only slightly. However, that’s what makes “Cat & Dog,” interesting. 

The subtle trap beat, prominent hi-hats make for a perfect rhythm for TXT as they showcase their bright vocals, throw in some fun ad-libs and even participate in a mumble rap style that surprisingly adds an interesting layer to the song’s sound.

“Cat & Dog,” may be weird especially when the guys literally start barking during its boisterous climax, but it is one that is refreshing and memorable.

9 and Three Quarters (Run Away)

“9 and Three Quarters (Run Away)” is a track true to the concept of its album, The Dream Chaper: Magic. The music video is a treat to watch especially for all the Harry Potter  fans out there, what with its use of mesmerizing effects and spectacular visuals.

TXT sing about running away through a magical portal to a safe place. The arrangement of the track is stunning with its breathy falsettos and vocals, the prominent xylophone that gives a beautiful lift to the melody when the boys go, “bippity boppity,” as they spellbind listeners with the track.

Interestingly enough, the electric guitars and heavy bass add a streak of rock to the overall electropop beat that truly makes this track magical and gives it its individuality.

Magic Island

The wistful intro and soft melody composed of prominent keyboard chords make “Magic Island” one of the most versatile tracks by the young group. Lines such as, “Will it eventually come to nothing?/Will dreams become memories?” makes this their most heartfelt tracks.

The ambient pop melody, the compelling verses and the soft but powerful voices of the members make “Magic Island,” a stellar track by TXT.

New Rules

Did someone say funky town? 

TXT definitely surprised MOA with this number. “New Rules,” showcases a different, refreshing and more flamboyant side to the boy group. Yeonjun and Huening Kai’s mumbled verses in the beginning of the track are refreshing and riveting! 

As the funky, disco-esque beat takes over, Taehyun’s falsetto steals the show, while Beomgyu and Soobin shine especially during the pre-choral verses. The hook is for sure one of the catchiest by the group. The distorted guitar and vocal chants are sure to keep listeners keep their thumbs on that repeat button!

Can’t You See Me?

The Dream Chapter: Eternity truly showed TXT’s musical prowess in a bold and dynamic way and “Can’t You See Me?” is a testament to that. The experimental styles, moody aesthetics and relatable lyricism showcases a mature note to the group’s music.

The track is entrancing with its noir concept. TXT brings back rock tones reminiscent of “9 and Three Quarters (Run Away),” in this track as the melody is majorly composed of piano tones juxtaposed by trap percussion, synth arpeggios and heavy bass.

Against this power packed melody, the members’ vocals sound absolutely saccharine as they sing of the angst and loneliness they feel as they seem alienated by each other. These elements makes “Can’t You See Me?,” sonically cohesive and addictive as well.


TXT truly unleashed the beast within in their track, “PUMA”! The track is bewitching and fierce. The lyrics are mind blowing and pack a punch. “PUMA” expresses TXT’s aim to run relentlessly towards their dreams.

Lines in the song use the words, ‘zoo,’ and ‘jungle,’ as metaphors to assert an awareness of both, a sense of freedom as well as a sense of danger – that even a creature as feared as a puma has to be on its guard to survive the wild.

Yeonjun’s puissant rap verse makes for a daring impression as he voices, “I told ya/Still too young to stand alone/This world is a jungle full of warriors/Cho Joon-kyung aims at your neck/Thousands of eyes access the Internet/Be careful, your enemy spreads in no time/How long does it take to reach my dream/In that question, only gunshots spread every time/I run up again to keep breathing.” 

This particular verse captures the essence of the track itself. It references ideas such as that although they may have escaped the zoo, they will still be held captive by the media/internet. 

However, they decide to rise above the fear of being hunted down and taken captive. TXT recognise their true potentials and reveal their unfiltered, ferocious selves and embrace the puma within.


“Eternally” is an ode to their past selves as they come to a realization that living in a world of dreams isn’t ideal. The 19 minute music video decoded not just this album, but the entire series as well.

Their previous two chapters of The Dream album series showcased the innocence and imagination of youth. However, in The Dream Chapter: Eternal the group face the harsh truths of reality. 

“Eternally” boasts of a very interesting composition. The melody consistently switches between a dream-pop rhythm that midway turns to electro pop.

It’s almost as if the harmony is a representation of two sides of the circumstances that they group face in their universe – the hidden nightmare behind the dreamy external facade that tries to deny it.

Yeonjun and Huening Kai’s rap verses show this sinister monster within as they assert, “This darkness that swallowed a scream/ This distance between you and me is growing bigger/My mind which is stuck in a nostalgic maze, save me.”

Soobin, Taehyun, and Beomgyu’s vocals contrast the growl like raps as they sound angelic with their breathy notes as they sing, “Don’t go breaking my heart, don’t go”

“Eternally” is for sure one of TXT’s finest works.

Maze In The Mirror

An acoustic guitar based melody and the high tenor vocals are the highlight of this heartwarming number. “Maze In The Mirror,” is without a doubt one of the tracks that TXT shine on.

The track also showcases their mettle as songwriters as this is the first-ever song co-penned entirely by the five members. It brings forward the sensitivity of the artists as the song’s lyrics, poignantly expresses emotions about becoming lost in one’s thoughts and feelings.

“Maze In The Mirror,” is melancholic in nature that talks about being lost like wandering through a mirror trying to find who you are. It’s an authentically beautiful track that shows why TXT are the shining superstars on the rise!

Source/Images: Big Hit Entertainment

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