Celebrating #100DaysWithWonho

Celebrating #100DaysWithWonho

Here’s celebrating 100 days with wonho by celebrating the alluring artist himself!

It has been 100 days since Wonho made his return to reign over the K-Pop scene. In this span of days, the soloist has won over millions of hearts across the globe with his sweet sounds and spellbinding charms.


An All-Round Artist

Wonho has showcased that he is not just a singer but also a multitalented musician. His skills as a writer and composer were further spotlighted in his debut album Part.1 Love Synonym(#1) Right for Me itself. The album is a testament to Wonho’s immeasurable musical talents, thanks to his mellifluous selection of electrifying music.


In the release, the ace artist ensured that there is something for everyone with his eclectic mix of tunes ranging from EDM to pop to R&B and ballad. His first mini-album contains eight stunning songs namely two versions of both, “Losing You” and “Open Mind”, “I just”, “Lost in Paradise”, “Interlude: Runway” and “WITH YOU”.

Not only did Wonho delight with his dulcet tunes in his debut album, but also with his charisma as a performer and entertainer as well.

Endearing Entertainer

Wonho unraveled his dynamic dance skills through the release of not just his official music video for the title track of his mini-album “Open Mind”, but several supercool versions of it as well. Here are some of the stand out performances of the track  –

“OPEN MIND” Dance Practice (Hanbok Ver.)

Looking absolutely majestic in a Hanbok, the singer awed viewers with his adorable mannerisms and overall regal style in the video.

Wonho is cuteness personified as he lights up the ambiance with his bright smile when he shows off some of his smooth moves. The otherwise passionate dance moves of the original music video of “Open Mind” look somewhat playful in this practice version.

Some of the most loveable instances from this video include moments such as Wonho’s kingly gait, him adjusting his hat in the middle of steps as well as the singer bursting into laughter in certain stills – all of which unquestionably lit up Wenee’s faces as well!

“OPEN MIND” Suit Dance Performance

This dance performance is one that really shouldn’t be missed out on! The sweet soloist reveals his suave and sexy side in this version which surely makes it hard for viewers to tear their eyes off their screens.

Wonho looks like an absolute boss as he matches every beat with his fluid and faultless moves. The singer truly radiates power throughout this dynamic performance indeed.

Besides this, the vocalist has been interacting with fans through various fun content on his official YouTube channel  “ohhoho”. His channel recently surpassed 100k subscribers and with good reason.


At the time of the launch of his channel, Wonho had averred that he planned to show fans different sides of him. And he has done just that and more in the most creative manner. Fans have got a glimpse of Wonho’s life, all from his love of cooking to exercising which he has showcased in the most innovative ways through his channel.

Wenees’ World

In these 100 days, Wonho has shared a lot of sweet moments and words to inspire his beloved Wenee. Take for instance his heartfelt note that he revealed on fancafe thanking fans for celebrating this moment with him.

This is just but a glimpse of the warmth and affection that the singer showers on his fans. His interactions with fans are nothing short of being the epitome of sweetness as each of his messages of asking Wenees if they ate food or asking about their well-being are all evidence of the humility of the global artist.


Therefore, it truly wouldn’t be far-fetched to state that for Wenee too, Wonho is truly their superstar and that, the sole reason for their efforts, working tirelessly day and night to see their favorite artist reach the top comes down to just one thing: love!

🎉Congratulations on 100 days to Wonho and we, like Wenee couldn’t be happier to see what the future holds for the endearing and gifted artist!🎉

Photo | Video Credits: HIGHLINE Entertainment

Fancafe Translation Credits To: WONHO GLOBAL 

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