Cho Seung Youn Unveils An Intriguing Track List For “WOOPS!”

Cho Seung Youn Unveils An Intriguing Track List For “WOOPS!”


Get ready for some smashing new tunes from WOODZ who revealed a stunning tracklist for his upcoming comeback album WOOPS! The tracklist is equally, if not more impressive than the trailer video and scheduler that were previously revealed.


The track list sees a rich roster of music coming MOODZ’s way. It includes six super tracks in total, namely “방아쇠 (Trigger),” the title track “BUMP BUMP,” “내 맘대로 (On my own),” “Thanks to,” and “Tide”.

Moreover, it also features an exciting collaboration with none other than songstress Jamie on a track called, “Sweater”. Adding to the elation is the fact that each of the songs on the album are written and composed by Cho Seung Youn himself.


Furthermore, the alluring artist will now be sharing the concept photos in the following two days. On November 11, he will also be uploading a music video trailer. He will then unveil a teaser reaction clip.

On November 13, fans will be able to sneak a peek into the album through a cool highlight medley. Later, the idol will release his own content called After The Manager Goes To Sleep and I Live With My Mom 2 till November 15. On November 16 a special unboxing V Live of the new album will be releasing.

Last June, WOODZ made headlines with his first mini-album EQUAL as well as its lead track ” Love Me Harder”. The album as well as the track impressed fans all over the globe. And not only that, in the previous album too, he had written and composed nearly all of the tracks.


Marking five months since his last comeback, the idol will show his all-rounder skills as a rapper, singer, and producer and show a wider musical spectrum with this latest release.

Meanwhile, Cho Seung Youn will release his second mini-album WOOPS! on November 17 on multiple music sources. A comeback showcase celebrating the release will air on the same day.

Photos Credit: Yue Hua Entertainment

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