CIX Dazzles In A Striking Music Video For Their Track “Cinema”

CIX Dazzles In A Striking Music Video For Their Track “Cinema”

CIX dropped their much-awaited comeback album and with it, a captivating and ‘cinema’tic music video too!

CIX unveiled their latest comeback album Chapter Ø – Hello, Strange Dream today. The album consists of five tracks in total, each, which boasts impressive musical styles that are reflective of the group’s versatility.

Along with their 4th EP album, the group unveiled a refreshing music video for their lead track “Cinema”.

In contrast to the intensity that CIX has spotlighted in their previous releases, the group amazes with their dandy charms in this comeback. The music video is a delight to watch in all its kaleidoscopic glory.

This title song “Cinema” reinterprets stories of the beautiful days before the events from the “Hello” series took place. The track is based of an up-tempo rhythm and a cheerful melody to put emphasis on its bright lyricism. Lines such as, “That endless open view/ Panoramic-like moment/ Thе clear sky and the wind with you and me/ Oh, sometimes I feel nervous/ And sometimes it’s shaking/ It’s gonna be like a movie, amplify the youthful yet nostalgic vibe of the track.


The chorus is one that is the epitome of being a euphonious earworm with it’s reverberating lyrics like – Ooh, cinema, cinema, cinema/ It’s exciting, it’s overwhelming, it’s dazzling, you and me/ Ooh-ooh, cinema, cinema, cinema/ Our moment will be eternal”. “Cinema” truly highlights CIX’s innate charisma with absolute finesse as well as reiterates the musical prowess of the stunning group.

In addition to the title song “Cinema”, the album includes the first track “Stairway To Heaven” which features real orchestral sounds, along with “Round 2”, which brings forth a moody ambiance thanks to CIX’s vocals, rap, and acapella melodies. It also consists of the country-style number “Young” and the R&B masterpiece titled “Everything” that CIX created in dedication to their beloved fans FIX.

Meanwhile, Listen To & Add CIX’s 4th EP Album Chapter Ø – Hello, Strange Dream Here:

Photo | Video Credits: C9 Entertainment

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