DAY6’s Even Of Day Enchants With Enthralling Teasers

DAY6’s Even Of Day Enchants With Enthralling Teasers

DAY6’s Even of Day mesmerizes with their latest sets of teaser images featuring the talented trio composed of Young K, Wonpil and Dowoon!

As DAY6’s Even of Day gears up for their highly anticipated debut with their first album The Book of Us : Gluon – Nothing can tear us apart, they have already furthered anticipations with beguiling solo sets of teaser images showcasing the charms of each of the unit’s members.

Commencing the countdown to the album with the first set of teaser images was none other than DAY6’s multifaceted bassist, vocalist and rapper Young K. The artist allured with his striking visuals that gleamed under the lucent moon in the backdrop.

DAY6 Even of Day

Talking about the group’s upcoming venture, Young K stated, “I’m curious about how everyone will react to the music of this unit as opposed to the music by DAY6 as a whole. I hope that our new challenges and songs will be liked by many people.”

Moreover, the talented DAY6 member has also taken part in the composition of almost every track and has written all of the songs on the album. 

Showcasing his illuminating looks under the night sky, Wonpil captivated fans with his heavenly visuals in images that gave off quite a fantastical vibe. 

DAY6 Even of Day

Wonpil voiced Young K’s sentiments and stated, “The Book of Us : Gluon – Nothing can tear us apart is an album that showcases a different color from our other releases as DAY6, so we’re looking forward to how you’ll like it. I hope we can give some comfort and strength to everyone who listened to our music.”

Wonpil also wrote and composed few of the tracks on the album namely, “땡스 투 (Thanks to)” which he co-wrote and co-composed with Young K. He also co-composed tracks titled, “그렇게 너에게 도착하였다 (Landed)” and “To be continued – Outro – (Sung by DENIMALZ 3).” Wonpil also co-composed the title track called, “파도가 끝나는 곳까지” that contains a traditional R&B rhythm and emotional melody interpreted through trendy synth band sounds with lyrics that express a determination to ride rough waves together.

Asserting, “All the members put their efforts and passion into this unit album,” Dowoon raised anticipations while also stirring hearts with his angelic stills in his solo teaser set.

DAY6 Even of Day

Furthermore, Dowoon stirred hearts with his regal demeanor and charmed with his princely visuals, giving the images its fairytale-like vibe. 

The trio has without a doubt thrilled fans with these breathtaking teasers. Meanwhile, Even of Day’s first album The Book of Us: Gluon – Nothing can tear us apart will be releasing on August 31 on various music sites at 6PM KST.

Images: JYP Entertainment

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