DAY6’s Even of Day Unveils A Unique Music Video Of “Where The Sea Sleeps”

DAY6’s Even of Day Unveils A Unique Music Video Of “Where The Sea Sleeps”

My Days’ playlists just got even better as DAY6’s unit Even of Day have finally made their spectacular debut!

DAY6’s Even of Day released their first sub unit based mini album today titled, The Book of Us: Gluon-Nothing can tear us apart. While the trio truly thrilled listeners with some amazing tunes, they also gave quite the visual treat to fans through an adorable and heart warming music video of their album’s title track, “Where the sea sleeps.”

The music video is wondrous in all of its vibrant glory. What makes the music video so unique is the Denimalz characterizing DAY6’s Young K, Dowoon and Wonpil leading the music video as they express their journey together in the sweetest way.

The track boasts of a melody composed of a traditional R&B rhythm and emotional tune interpreted through trendy synth band sounds and delivers a heartfelt message that a bright day will surely come after a tumultuous dark night. 

Even of Day

As though straight out of a piece of literature, the lyricism is evocative and earnest. The lyrics bear a semblance to poetic phrases as seen in lines such as, “Bear the upcoming strong storm/ And because the scenery that comes after is so perfect/ Even a quiet day would have it’s own waver/ But if I’m with you, I’m able to get through every kind of day and every kind of wave,” and stirring emotions with verses like, “I need you, you need me/ I will protect you from beside of you/ I want to be with you until the place where the wave stops.”

The title song is a beautiful expression of the desire to be with a loved one until the waves of joy, sorrow are over as they embark on a journey on the sea of ​​the world in a boat called life. The distinctive vocals and the gentle melody truly bring forward the sentiments of the song in a wonderful way. 

Listen to Even of Day’s The Book of Us: Gluon – Nothing can tear us apart here:

Source: JYP Entertainment | OSEN

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