DAY6’s Sub-Unit “Even Of Day” Invites Fans Into Their Universe

DAY6’s Sub-Unit “Even Of Day” Invites Fans Into Their Universe

My Days prepare as DAY6’s Even of Day comprising of members Young K, Wonpil and Dowoon will be releasing a new song on August 31 and will mark their debut as a unit.

DAY6 is ready to stun fans with their first sub-unit based album after 5 years of their debut! JYP Entertainment first released a teaser image announcing the reveal of the first DAY6 unit on their official SNS channel on August 11.

The teaser image is a cleverly designed invite that bears the names of the members of the sub unit, Young K, Wonpil and Dowoon. Besides that, the unit’s official debut date of August 31 is written on the invitations that lie in stark contrast against the dark, galactic backdrop. What’s more? The unit will hereafter be called as Even Of Day.

even of day

The term Even of Day is coined by JYP head Park Jinyoung who combined the old English word ‘even’, for evening with ‘day’ of the group. The name is surely thought provoking and conveys the message that a bright day will finally come through a deep and dark night, and the aspiration to convey hope resounds through music. 

even of day

The three unit members, namely Young K, Wonpil, and Dowoon, are expected to present a more mature sensibility through the DAY6 (Even of Day) sub unit. This is evident from their excellent subject selection and song expression skills which have been seen in their multiple album projects over the years as well as in DAY6’s recent album titled The Book of Us: The Demon and its lead track titled “Zombie”.

Source: OSEN

Images: JYP Entertainment

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