DAY6’s Young K Reveals Official Audio For His Solo Track “Text Me Now”

DAY6’s Young K Reveals Official Audio For His Solo Track “Text Me Now”


DAY6’s vocalist and bassist Young K turned up the vibe after he released an electrifying surprise solo track “Text Me Now.” The track has been written and composed by him along with Isaac Han and Aaron Kim. Young K has however only released the audio of the song as of now.


“Text Me Now” is about wanting someone to text you back right away when you can’t wait to see them and being excited whenever you receive a notification as can be observed in the lyricism with lines such as, “My cell phone in my pocket/ Every time it rings, my body reacts/ The name on the phone screen/ If it’s not you, I’m not/ I’m sighing/ I get down, I get down/ So text me now.”


The track boasts of a very interesting composition. Staring off with bright and breezy guitar riffs, the song picks up pace with an electro pop beat that creates quite the ambient atmosphere.  However, the star of the show is the chorus itself that delves head first into somewhat of an alternative rock arrangement that, without a doubt, serves as the track’s wow factor.

Besides this, Young K had also recently unveiled a cover song from his ongoing video series. The artist unveiled his rendition of the British pop duo HONNE’s 2018 track “Day 1 ◑” The cover truly brought out the artist’s musical flair in the most beautiful manner.

Furthermore, Young K is all set to showcase his talents as a lyricist on Eric Nam’s upcoming album, The Other Side. He participated in writing 4 out of the 5 tracks on the album including “Trouble with You”, “Paradise”, “How You Been”, which he co-wrote with Eric Nam. The Day6 member also wrote the Korean version of Nam’s English hit track “Love Die Young”.

Source|Images Credit: JYP Entertainment

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