ENHYPEN Announces Their Official Fandom Name

ENHYPEN Announces Their Official Fandom Name



ENHYPEN welcomed their fans with the warmest greetings and tons of love as they officially named them ENGENE!

(Photo Credits: Belift Lab)

ENHYPEN announced the official fan club name ENGENE through a video posted they posted on Weverse and on their official YouTube channel on October 9. The name has two very sweet meanings etched to it. ENHYPEN’s fans are the “engines” that allow them to grow and go forward. The second is that ENHYPEN and fans “share the same DNA to connect, develop, and grow together.”


Revealing the exciting news, ENHYPEN said, “We hope that ENGENE and ENHYPEN will support each other and become a wonderful team. Let’s make a lot of good memories together in the future.”

ENHYPEN are still in the midst for preparing for their debut, however, the rookie group has already been creating waves. On social media especially, ENHYPEN have amassed about 2.98 million subscribers on Weverse and their official Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok accounts have surpassed over 1 million followers while their official YouTube channel has around 926K subscribers at the time of writing.

(Photo Credits: Belift Lab)

ENHYPEN consists of seven multi-national boys spanning from regions of Korea, Australia, and Japan including Heeseung, Jay, Jake, Sunghoon, Sunoo, Jungwon, and Niki. The group is the first artist under BELIFT LAB, a joint venture between CJ ENM and Big Hit Entertainment.

Meanhwile, anticipations are running high for the debut of ENHYPEN especially after seeing the members’ musical capabilities on the show I-Land.

Source: OSEN

Photo Credits: BELIFT LAB

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