ENHYPEN Gears Up For Their Much-Awaited Debut

ENHYPEN Gears Up For Their Much-Awaited Debut


ENHYPEN unveiled a cinematic and captivating trailer video, announcing their highly awaited arrival soon. The group is all set to debut in November and revealed the same through a mystifying concept that was mesmerizing to say the least.

The rookie group released their “Debut Trailer 1 : Choose-Chosen” on their official YouTube channel. Creating an air of mystery thanks to the thrilling backdrop of the moonlight and forest, anticipations are truly amplified for what’s to come in the debut album.

The video features an English narration done by member Jake, who is Korean-Australian who stirs hearts as he says,

“We were desperate in our desire to transform. We believed that there lay dreams unknown. Because every path is stained with tears. We keep our fists fiercely clenched, not knowing it to be a blessing or a curse, lest we lose what we hold in our hands.”

“Blood-red moonlight blazes. Unquenchable thirst flares with fury. The others look up to us in veneration, and we look upon them with envy. Why do we desire what we cannot acquire? Why must we walk along an endless line? At dawn, the sun rises to menace and bless our fleshly selves.”

The trailer has quite the enchanting and eerie vibe reminiscent of a supernatural movie. It showcases a negative still of a boy sitting alone in the woods before panning to a clip of the group practicing as the words ‘Trainee-Artist’ appear on the screen.

Enigmatic props such as such as roses, candles, and the moon along with antonyms such as “Failure-Success”, “Given-Taken”, “Blood-Light”, “Us-the Others”, and “Mortal-Immortal” appear one after another. These images are striking so much so that it certainly rouses curiosities of what themes will be spotlighted in ENHYPEN’s debut release.

The seven members finally make an appearance towards the end of the video, as they stand in the woods in all white ruffled shirts and black pants, that only further adds to the overall spooky and arcane atmosphere of the video.


ENHYPEN consists of seven multi-national boys spanning from regions of Korea, Australia, and Japan including Heeseung, Jay, Jake, Sunghoon, Sunoo, Jungwon, and Niki. The group is the first artist under BELIFT LAB, a joint venture between CJ ENM and Big Hit Entertainment.

Meanhwile, anticipations are running high for the debut of ENHYPEN especially after seeing the members’ musical capabilities on the show I-Land.

Source: Sports Seoul

Photo Credits: BELIFT LAB

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