EXO’s Baekhyun Lights The New Year With His First Online Solo Concert

EXO’s Baekhyun Lights The New Year With His First Online Solo Concert

EXO’s Baekhyun set the stage alight with some dazzling performances at his first solo online concert!

EXO’s Baekhyun held his solo concert Beyond LIVE-BAEKHYUN: LIGHT through Naver V LIVE today. The singer opened the stage on a refreshing note with his performance of the track “YOUNG”, which released in 2018 as well as showcased his glamorous charms as he performed ‘Trouble”, from EXO’s 6th full-length album OBSESSION.


Following these heart-thumping stages, the versatile vocalist treated fans to some exclusive performances of his songs from his 2nd mini album Delight, particularly “Ghost”, “Underwater” and “R U Ridin’?” before making fans swoon to his groovy number “UN Village”.

The EXO member then took to the stage to interact with his beloved fans. He said, “I prepared really hard for the performances. Hearing the cheers [of all the fans], I feel like I’m not here alone but we’re together”. He added, “It is an honor and a very good feeling to hold my first concert with you. The stage I showed earlier was the first glimpse of the Baekhyun concert, and so I prepared intense stages to capture Erie’s hearts. I will move to a new stage in order to show you a different side of me”.


The sweet singer further read the real-time comments from fans. Explaining the theme of the concert, he averred, “My superpower is light. Like the various lights that always exist next to you, I prepared today’s concert to show you various sides of me just like the light”.

Baekhyun expressed his elation as he saw the faces of fans from all over the globe and said, “I’m so happy now that I’m having a live party with fans all over the world at once”, as he greeted them in various languages including in Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese, Thai, and Indonesian.

Keeping his promise, the alluring artist did show a different side to himself as he presented a unique stage for his performance of the OST track from the tvN drama Record of Youth titled, “Every second”. Moreover, Baekhyun impressed viewers as he showcased his exceptional musical skills when he played the piano himself and sang the song “What I Want For Christmas” from EXO’s 2016 winter special album For Life and the track “MY ANSWER” which was included in EXO’s 2nd regular album Exodus, both performances that truly stirred as well as evoked a sense of nostalgia among fans.


Bringing forth a dreamy and wintery ambiance on stage, Baekhyun took breaths away with his riveting harmonies through his recently released single “Amusement Park”. Before revealing the performance on stage for the first time, the crooner stated, “I really liked the song, and I chose the lyrics as well as the melody”. He also said that the lyricism of the track contains quite the fun vibe as while listening to it, one may feel as though they are already at the amusement park.

The mesmerizing stage was followed by a warm rendition of the hit track “Love Again” that saw Baekhyun entrance with his beguiling vocals as he stood in front of an all-white microphone amidst a galactical backdrop.


Fans were in for a special surprise as the multitalented singer unfolded performances of the title song “Get You Alone” and of the B-side track “Addicted” from his upcoming Japanese solo mini-album. After performing “Get You Alone,” Baekhyun teasingly said, “Isn’t the stage sexy like me?” before adding, “I was contemplating what kind of gift I should give my fans, and I decided to reveal the songs on my Japanese mini-album that will be released on January 20.”

Baekhyun looked regal as he opened a super cool stage for his track “Ice Queen” from his first mini-album City Lights, before taking fans on a trip down memory lane. The vocalist radiated power as he presented dynamic solo performances of EXO’s chart-topper songs “Call Me Baby” and “Growl”. Baekhyun unveiled a unique charm as he performed EXO-CBX’s “Blooming Day.”


He shared, “The performances took me back to the past. I was really out of breath, singing these on my own after having sung them with the EXO members. EXO songs really are hard. Singing them alone made me miss the members”.

Moreover, delivering somewhat of a spoiler, Baekhyun raised the excitement levels of fans as he revealed, “I think something new will come out this year. It’s hard to sing on my own, so I have to sing together with the EXO members.”

Baekhyun showcased floored with the stages for his tracks “Psycho” and his solo from EXO-CBX’s album Magic titled “Ringa Ringa Ring” wherein he caught the attention of fans with his bold and bedazzling style which was in contrast to his looks in the previous stages.

Next, Baekhyun surely got fans ‘feelin’ like pop rocks, strawberry, bubblegum’ with his vibrant style in his show-stopping performances of his much-loved tracks, “Poppin” and the super sweet “Candy” that led to an exciting atmosphere.

Before the encore, the vocalist roused fans as he gave them yet another gift through the unveil of his music video for “Get You Alone” for the very first time. The clip spotlighted Baekhyun’s innate charisma as he unveiled an unparalleled duality with his nerdy as well as sultry looks.

The EXO member then serenaded listeners with his delectable version of BoA’s “Garden in the Air”. Sharing some lighthearted moments with fans before the final encore song, he exclaimed, “In the comments, I saw someone say that I’m someone who can do everything. Even I think that I’m someone who can do everything”. Baekhyun, however, added, “But all of this is only possible if you’re here. Without all of you, I don’t feel motivated to do such things.”


In his usual playful style, the charismatic singer stated that, “After the COVID-19 pandemic, let’s have a 24-hour concert offline. You can’t go home and you have to stay trapped inside.”

Lastly, Baekhyun wrapped up the concert with a stellar stage for EXO-CBX’s “Cherish” but not before stating that, “I think the reason Lee Soo Man gave me the superpower of light is so that I can always stay next to all of you. I’ll stay next to you for a long, long time. I’ll keep working hard and growing, so please show me lots of love”.

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