#NowPlaying : EXO’s Kai Captivates In His Eponymous Solo Mini-Album

#NowPlaying : EXO’s Kai Captivates In His Eponymous Solo Mini-Album

EXO’s Kai recently unveiled his much-awaited self-titled mini-album and honestly? It is absolutely mesmerizing to simply say so!

EXO’s Kai has impressed fans with his dynamic dance skills on many occasions. This time, however, the alluring artist does the same but with his powerful vocals instead.


With this first solo release, Kai showcases his versatility and evolution as a musician through a wide spectra of sounds. Highlighting his pristine voice, the EXO member shines through the R&B pop rhythms as he brings forth power-packed magnetism through each melody.


This groovy trap based mid-tempo R&B number is aptly named as listeners are sure to say “Mmmh” thanks to Kai’s smooth vocals. The song certainly complements the idol’s laidback singing style. This track ticks all the boxes when it comes to being a euphonious earworm.

“Mmmh” is very catchy to simply say so and one can’t help but croon to the addictive lyrics as well. The track is hypnotizing and does not fail to evoke that groovy feeling which one can’t help but vibe to!

This style is furthered through the striking music video that only adds to the overall suaveness of the track. The clip is a visual treat especially due to Kai’s confident demeanor and spectacular style reflective of it. Moreover, the video puts emphasis on the singer’s best skill which is undoubtedly dancing. Kai’s captivating choreography for “Mmmh” which he personally came up with, truly proves why he is one of the best performers there is.

Nothing On Me

Showcasing passion and panache, Kai talks about being pulled towards someone amidst a heavy bass and synth melody. The song titled ” Nothing On Me”,  is very interesting in its approach as it goes back and forth between being spacey to coming in strong with its puissant sounds.

Kai sounds divine as he exudes a coquettish style as he sings, “I want nothing on me but you”. This song is compelling and is one that will have you skip that skip button on your playlists!


“Amnesia” is one that is enchanting as it is enigmatic. Kai sounds like a dream on this song with his supercool adlibs as he spotlights his subtle high registers, faultless falsettos, and breathy notes with absolute perfection.



This track is more upbeat in its sound style and boasts of a thumping 808 bass based beat. “Reason” a complete banger and will surely have listeners grooving to its uptempo hip-hop rhythm. Compared to the other tracks on the album so far, this song has an edgier style.

Kai stuns with his dual-toned vocals that only furthers the bold and impassioned style of the song as he expressed his curiosity of wanting to get to know someone through its lyricism.

Ride Or Die

“Ride Or Die” is a spellbinding track which is composed by none other than the iconic K-RnB producer Cha Cha Malone. There is a certain sense of tranquility that seeps through the song’s nostalgic retro R&B melody.

The dreamy synths and the lilting guitar strums that back Kai’s sonorous voice amplify the track’s mesmeric mood as he sings, “Follow this night, we ride or die, until the end.”


Hello Stranger

Last, but certainly not least, the mini-album wraps up with another stellar track that unravels Kai’s musical genius. Titled “Hello Stranger”, the song reveals a low-trap influenced bass beat. The EXO member is bound to take breaths away with his mellow vocals.  In the track, the singer talks about being someone you can open up to. He croons in his beguiling voice, “Hello stranger/ Come closer/ It’s not strange/ Tell me your story”.

Listen to & Add Kai’s Solo Mini-Album here:

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Photo | Video Credits: SM Entertainment

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