EXO’s Chanyeol And Loopy Feature On Devine Channel’s “Faded” Music Video

EXO’s Chanyeol And Loopy Feature On Devine Channel’s “Faded” Music Video

Producing team Devine Channel released their first album BYPRODUCT and with it an ambient music video for the track “Faded” featuring EXO’s Chanyeol and Loopy!

Devine Channel released their first album as well as a music video for their track “Faded”, both which scream “chill vibes”! In the music video, Loopy, Chanyeol and Devine Channel all exude confidence and dynamism. The artists’ casual styles and dimly lit neon settings all add to the track’s dreamy and cool vibe. 

While Loopy stuns with his fierce rap style, Chanyeol charms with his soothing vocals and spectacular ad-libs in his rap verse. “Faded” is a track that tells the story of lonely individuals who live alone in the city.

BYPRODUCT is first solo album by Devine Channel and contains three hip-hop tracks with colorful beats and hard hitting lyricism.

Besides “Faded” the album also includes the tracks “Makmal” a hip-hop track composed of an impressive bass based trap beat harmony with Asian influences that also features artists Gaeko and Gwangil Jo that expresses the story of the present and the self-reflection they undergo.

“Post It!” features musicians Lil Cherry and GOLDBUUDA and it a track with an addictive heavy 808 bass and trap beats. The theme of the lyrics is FLEX and SWAG, and an expression of the message that it is important to always share positive energy. 

Devine Channel consists of members Im Gwang Wook and Ryan Kim (also known as Karate), and the team has worked with many artists including Nipsey Hussle, BTS, EXO, Kang Daniel, Girls’ Generation, and Dynamic Duo. The album BYPRODUCT  was released today and is available to stream on various music sites.

Source: Herald Pop

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