EXO’s Chen Stirs Hearts With His Sentimental Single “Hello”


EXO’s Chen greeted fans with a wistful and wonderful new single titled “Hello”. The track is sure to leave listeners awe-struck with the unparalleled musical capabilities of the singer. It is an extremely poignant song and yet poetic in its approach thanks to its heartfelt lyricism.

The EXO member’s new release falls under the Brit Pop genre that showcases an impressive sound style which caters to a unique atmosphere. Chen has also collaborated with composer Kim Jaehwi on the single as well.

Musically, the track alternates between minors and majors to create a melancholic ambiance. Furthermore, in the video, the lyrics, with the letter as a motif, conveys a heartfelt wish of a man for the well-being of his other half mentioned in it. Chen’s plaintive soft vocals expresses a certain longing and emphasize the track’s overall emotional feel.

(Photo Credits: SM Entertainment)

The calming autumnal colors in the music video match Chen’s doleful demeanor while also creating a sense of calm. This setting mirrors the track in a beautiful manner and is one that creates an evocative atmosphere to state the least.

Moreover, the track’s message will truly tug at listeners’ heartstrings especially with lines such as, “Not knowing what to say next/ I put down the pen that I was holding tightly/ The words I couldn’t tell you/ Will remain in my hearts as regrets, but/ My love, I may not ever know/ If this incomplete letter would reach you/ Even if it doesn’t, I hope you’re fine/ I desperately hope that you’ll be well.”

(Photo Credits: SM Entertainment)

Chen unquestionably solidifies his title as a powerhouse musician with this track. The vocalist not only impresses with his euphonious breathy notes but also his lachrymose high notes and flawless falsettos especially towards the end of the track. “Hello” is without a doubt a masterpiece of a track that greets listeners with a wave of straight from the heart emotions and in the most sincere manner as well.

Photo | Video Credits: SM Entertainment

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