FNC Entertainment Artists To Join Weverse

FNC Entertainment Artists To Join Weverse

FNC Entertainment artists are all set to communicate with fans in a refreshing way as they gear up to join the global fan community platform Weverse!

FNC Entertainment will be heading over to Weverse to ensure that their artists can communicate more closely with fans around the world through the app. Not only that, they will also be able to showcase various music related contents. The schedule for each artist joining Weverse will be released sequentially at a later date.

Previously, among FNC artists, P1Harmony and Cherry Bullet have opened their Weverse community. P1Harmony joined Weverse in October last year and recorded about 300,000 community subscribers (as of February 2021), and is communicating with their global fandom from 210 countries/regions.

Cherry Bullet opened their Weverse community ahead of the release of their mini-album Cherry Rush in January. The girl group has since been sharing various news with fans around the world, including their daily routine and off stage practice sessions. Moreover, both artists have established a presence through the Weverse Shop as well.

About this latest update, Weverse said, “FNC artists are global artists. We expect to create a positive synergy by revealing a wide musical spectrum through the ‘No.1 Fan Community Platform’ Weverse, and by building a strong global fandom, and being reborn as next-generation global artists.”

Since, Cherry Bullet and P1Harmony has already joined the fan community, and FNC Entertainment has announced that the label as a whole will be joining the Weverse community, it means that fans will be able to communicate with groups including SF9, CNBLUE and F.T. Island, among others.

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Photo Credits: FNC Entertainment

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