G-Dragon Impresses In The Latest Pictorial For Vogue Korea

G-Dragon Impresses In The Latest Pictorial For Vogue Korea


G-Dragon posed for a pictorial of the November issue of Vogue Korea recently. In the shoot, not only does he serve lethal looks but also showcases why he is indeed an icon as he talks about making music and more in this new issue.

The awe-inspiring multitalented musician rocks edgy as well as androgynous pieces. He looks absolutely breathtaking in both, vivid as well as monotone shots that give the pictures an air of nostalgia as well as highlight his timeless charms.

The pictorial released this time took place in an old recording studio. Dressed in Chanel, G-Dragon, looked absolutely striking as he showcased versatility in terms of style with his trendy attires, of which, he averred, ““I wasn’t trying to break people’s stereotypes about Chanel. I like the fact that when I match my jeans with a Chanel tweed jacket or jewelry, the look is more fun, as it looks put together and yet freestyle as well”.

Elaborating more on his unique style, he further said, “I like vintage Chanel. Many times I bought a showpiece from the Chanel collection that I was invited to. At the time, I just bought it because I liked it, but now there are many things I can’t get even if I want to have it. It almost classifies as an art work”.

In addition, he also briefly revealed his musical perspectives. He stated, “Many songs I wrote in my 20s are like diaries. I tend to write what I experienced back then. If I hadn’t, I would have forgotten everything. Because I was so busy. After some time, I listened to it and remembered ‘Oh, that was the case back then’ and I realized ‘I have changed my mind like this now’. I also go through the same situation.”

Meanwhile, more pictorials and videos of G-Dragon will be available in the November issue of Vogue Korea and can be found on the magazine’s official website as well as social media and YouTube channels.

Photo Credits: Vogue Korea

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