GFRIEND Announces Their Upcoming Comeback

GFRIEND Announces Their Upcoming Comeback

GFRIEND are gearing up to showcase a spectacular side to them with their electrifying new album soon!

GFRIEND took to Weverse and made an exciting announcement! The group stated that they will be releasing a new album soon. Titled 回:Walpurgis Night, the album will be unveiled on November 9. The preorders for the same will be starting on October 19.

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GFRIEND’s will be making a return 4 months after the release of their much loved album 回:Song of the Sirens in July, and the upcoming album will be their latest regular album since the release of Time for Us in January last year.

The new full-length album 回:Walpurgis Night further marks the last chapter of the ‘回 series’ that concentrates on the evolution of GFRIEND. The upcoming project will be one that will see a new look by the girl group that has never been seen before.

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Following previous works, Source Music said, “We will continue to collaborate with Big Hit super producers. We will be expanding GFRIEND members’ participation in the album making to further showcase their growing musical capabilities.”

Since GFRIEND has shown their flair with storytelling through their mellifluous music backed with mesmerizing performances, there is no doubt that the new album is one that is piquing interests of fans more so than ever for what will be coming their way with the group’s comeback.

Source: TV report

Photo Credits: Source Music

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